PGI Salame Cremona

A time-honoured pork charcuterie to be enjoyed with a good slice of bread

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Made according to the strict specifications laid down by the cured pork salami's own Consorzio di Tutela consortium - which only allows pork from pigs farmed in the Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto regions - PGI Salame Cremona derives from fresh, selected cuts of meat that are seasoned with salt and crushed garlic, and stuffed inside a pig, cow, sheep or horse intestine casing.

Although there is no exact date it can be traced back to, one thing’s for sure: salami making in this area has long been tied to the presence of pig farms, so much so that many documents from the 13th century underline the key role that this animal played in the rural economy of that period.

Velvety soft to slice, even despite its long ageing process - which can last from as few as five weeks to over four months -, this cured pork salami boasts a deep-red hue, which gradually fades to white in the fatty parts.

It is the perfect assimilation of all the different agents, which are ground and mixed in together (such as salt, pepper, garlic and possibly still white or red wine, sugar or dextrose/fructose/lactose, ascorbic acid, and sodium or potassium nitrate), that grants Cremona Salame its aromatic, decisive flavour

In cuisine

According to tradition, this pork salami should be sliced by hand and into fairly thick rounds, perhaps rubbing garlic skin onto the knife blade before slicing. The best way to eat this salami is with bread, but it can also be enjoyed with flavourful fruit such as kiwi, melon and figs.


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