Child-friendly Bolognese plains

Protected areas, murals, archaeology and traditions to rediscover with the whole family

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Welcome to the endless countryside of the Bolognese plains, a real treasure chest of historical, cultural and natural treasures ready to be discovered together with the little ones. 

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in five stages that mix history, rural traditions and artistic surprises

From ancient Villanovan huts to the Museum of Sky and Earth, passing by an educational farm and a square transformed into a fascinating work of art, each place promises engaging experiences and new knowledge to share as a family. 

Ready to set off on a journey that combines fun and learning? 

Let's find out together what this fascinating adventure has in store for us!

  • Length
    48 hours
  • Interests
    Art & Culture
  • Target
  • First stop - MUV - Museum of the Villanovan Civilisation Castenaso

    Have you ever entered a Villanovan hut? This ancient civilisation, the forerunner of the Etruscan civilisation, had settled in Villanova di Castenaso, where it left important traces of its passage, today preserved inside the MUV

    Here, in fact, it is possible to visit a reconstructed hut and the remains of the necropolis of Marano di Castenaso, which includes the ‘Stele of the Swords’ depicting a duel between warriors, as well as various grave goods. 

    Thanks also to the many activities organised by the museum, such as the special ArcheoDomeniche dedicated to the archaeology of the territory, it is possible to deepen one's knowledge of the ancient Etruscan population and its roots in the territory of Emilia.

  • Second stop - Villa Smeraldi - Museum of Paesant Farming Culture Bentivoglio

    With its lush English-style park perfect for a picnic outdoors, Villa Smeraldi houses the Museum of Paesant Farming Culture, which includes a rich collection of agricultural implements, domestic furnishings and testimonies of peasant culture, offering a vivid picture of the traditions and rural practices of the past

    The villa's vast park also contains a restaurant, a summer kiosk and an educational farm, perfect for observing animals at close quarters. 

    There are also numerous educational activities organised by the museum dedicated to the rediscovery of rural arts such as hemp weaving, natural dyeing and basketry.

  • Third stop - Rizza Ecological Rebalancing Area Bentivoglio

    We remain in the vicinity of the villa to explore the Rizza Ecological Rebalancing Area, where the white stork nests. 

    The Rizza Area, formerly rice paddies, offers an ideal habitat for these fascinating creatures that find shelter here during their migrations. 

    This protected area is home not only to storks but also to various animal species such as the white heron, grey heron and egret, which can be spotted from the observation tower in the centre of the protected area, which can be reached on foot following the visitor trail.

  • Fourth stop - Museum of Sky and Earth (Museo del Cielo e della Terra) San Giovanni in Persiceto

    The Museum of Sky and Earth in San Giovanni in Persiceto is a fascinating place that houses a unique collection of scientific and naturalistic exhibits, where you can explore the universe without ever leaving the earth! 

    From the Insect Laboratory to the Physics Experience, young visitors can discover the secrets of space and the world of nature thanks to the presence of the Planetarium, equipped with a 9.1-metre diameter dome and a sophisticated digital projector reproducing up to 1,500 celestial bodies, for an immersive experience in the celestial vault.

  • Fifth stop - Piazzetta Betlemme San Giovanni in Persiceto

    Piazzetta Betlemme, also known as Piazzetta degli Inganni, is an authentic gem designed by Gino Pellegrini, an eclectic Hollywood set designer. 

    This extraordinary artist has transformed a simple urban space into a veritable work of art under the open sky, repainting the buildings in the square with scenes that pay homage to daily life in the countryside of the Bolognese lowlands. 

    The protagonists of the murals are gigantic vegetables and farmyard animals such as geese, pigs, cats and pumpkins. 

    Have fun recognising them all!

Last update 27/06/2024

Information offices

Ufficio Relazioni con il pubblico di Castenaso
Piazza Bassi, 1 - Castenaso (BO)
+ 39 051 6059248
Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico di San Matteo della Decima
Via Cento, 158/a - San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO)
+ 39 051 6812057

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