Easter itinerary in Bologna

What to do for Easter in Bologna on foot or by bike

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Bologna is "a rule", as Luca Carboni, an Italian singer, used to sing. You walk by, fall in love and decide to stay for its culture, food, hospitality, UNESCO Arcades and red-roofed sunsets. The magic doesn't end here: just a short walk from the centre, you can reach the famous hills of Bologna, a favourite spot especially during sunny spring days. 

For Easter, don't miss this itinerary to discover the unexpected beauty of Bologna's nature.

  • Length
    24 hours
  • Interests
    Nature & Outdoor
  • Target
  • First stop – Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca Bologna

    Start your tour, on foot or by bike, from the UNESCO world's longest stretch of Porticoes, between Porta Saragozza and the Sanctuary of San Luca: no less than 3.5 km and 666 arches of pure splendour will accompany you along the way to the Arco del Meloncello

    From this point, the road begins to challenge your endurance as you ascend to San Luca, while trying to keep count of the arches. Once at the top of the Sanctuary, stop to rest, fill your water bottle at the drinking fountain and marvel at the church and its inner glory. 

    On the way out, keep an eye out for panoramic overlooks of all the valleys and the city from above. 

  • Second stop - Bregoli trail Bologna

    From the Basilica of San Luca, walk along Via di Monte Albano and take the turn for the Sentiero dei Bregoli, a charming hiking trail to Casalecchio di Reno (BO), the municipality adjacent to Bologna, since 1100. In the past, this path was beaten purely by the faithful on their way to the Basilica and soon became the fastest way to reach the Flaminia Militare without needing to cross the city.

    Halfway along, it will be time for a snack break: remember to bring your packed lunch and stop together with friends and relatives to enjoy the Easter lunch like a true Bolognese. The path is number 112 as traced out by the CAI (Italian Alpine Club), with a challenging slope down to the Church of San Martino, at the entrance to the Parco della Chiusa (known to the Bolognese as Parco Talon).
    Don't worry, the effort will be well rewarded!

  • Third stop - Talon Park Bologna

    You have finally made it to the green, lush and immense Parco della Chiusa di Casalecchio di Reno. The sluice placed on the Reno river is authentically a highly valuable waterworks, as it allowed Bologna to direct the river's waters in a way that was functional to the development and success of its silk industry. For almost three centuries, the city was indeed the capital of silk processing. 

    Once in the park, flank the left bank of the Reno River up to the first signposts of the Via degli Dei, a trekking route that connects Bologna to Florence in six segments.

  • Fourth stop - Monumental Cemetery of the Certosa di Bologna Bologna

    The last stage of this itinerary takes us to the Monumental Cemetery of the Certosa di Bologna, right outside the city centre, embedded in a park dedicated to Nicholas Green. From Parco Talon, just follow the cycle/pedestrian path towards Bologna across the Ghisello River Garden

    Enter the cemetery, and fill your eyes with pure, unexpected beauty, as you admire the many monumental and sculptural works inside. Marvel at the Charterhouse itself, the Church of San Girolamo and the Ossuary Monument to the Fallen Partisans, while you breathe a solemn but quiet air. From here, end your route by crossing Nicholas Green Park, affording a splendid view of the Basilica di San Luca from below. 

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