Milano Marittima: from the promenade to the pinewood in the Garden City

A two day itinerary to discover Milano Marittima's beauty, history, nature and wellness

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A 48-hour journey that brings you through history, nature and wellness to experience the blue water, colorful city center and green of the pines, an itinerary to discover Milano Marittima at every corner.
The Garden City was built from an idea of Giuseppe Palanti in 1912, since then it has developed a strong historic and cultural identity worth learning about.
Facing the sea and embraced by the pinewood, this city is a balanced mix of nature and culture waiting to be experienced.

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    48 hours
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  • First stop Milano Marittima

    From the sea to the city center

    The itinerary starts from the pier, the perfect place to gaze at the sunrise and take a walk on the beach until you reach the "I pionieri del turismo" promenade.

    This walkway near the sea goes by a variety of nature and historic sites, like the German bunkers from the second world war, placed to defend the Gothic Line from sea attacks, and the sand dune between viale Forlì and via Zara: a natural landscape slowly getting repopulated by the herbaceous plants and bushes typical of this environment.

    Leaving the dune behind and following Via Forlì you can reach the Rotonda Primo Maggio, the heart of the Garden City. The city's concept is reflected in a yearly event that colors all the gardens and flowerbeds with a beautiful display of flowers and plants prepared by gardeners from Italy and all over Europe.

    This central location is perfect for a walk through the city streets, to take a glimpse of liberty style villas from the early 20th century and reenact Milano Marittima's lifestyle during its glory days.

    From Rotonda Primo Maggio proceed through Viale Gramsci, a pedestrian area full of clubs, restaurants, and boutiques. Here you can see the "Brückner's model" statue, made by famous sculptor Adriano Bimbi from Tuscany.

  • Second stop Milano Marittima

    The pinewood

    The second destination is the century-old pinewood of Cervia and Milano Marittima.

    A pristine environment ideal for trekking, jogging, bike tours or for a simple rest in the shade.

    The starting point is Via Ravenna, from here you can take the path that leads to the thermal establishment by going through the plaza near the "Dei Pini" Stadium.

    Fitness fans will love the fit-trail along the path, a true outdoor gym with 10 stations installed.

    Follow the path to reach the railway overpass, from here turn to the right to take the Starling Path (Sentiero dello Storno) and reach the canal where, by following the bank to the right, you'll end up in Via Jelenia Gora.

    Here you can involve yourself in a variety of activities: you can go kayaking in the canals that connect the sea to the salt pan, play golf or tennis, or visit the Butterflies House, an over 500 sqm wide tropical greenhouse full of the colorful flight of hundreds of different butterflies and other peculiar insects.

    Leave Via Jelenia Gora to continue this natural itinerary at the Mulberry Park (Parco del Gelso) where you can admire an old Morus Alba tree, a white mulberry and the last trace of the ancient silk tradition in Cervia. Mulberries were used both to support the rows of vines and to provide nourishment for the silkworms.

    The Pinarella and Tagliata Pinewood is nearby, planted in the past to protect the land from sea storms. A true paradise for people who love fitness, it also offers pleasant shade to shelter from the warmer summer hours, furnished picnic areas and playgrounds, like the Slow Park, the "park for the natural rights of girls and boys".

  • Third stop Milano Marittima

    The second day of the itinerary is dedicated to Cervia Spa. According to history, during the beginning of the 20th century, salt workers discovered the extraordinary properties of the black mud, and how it soothed pain and injures. A little area with thermal baths was established in 1930 and later expanded in 1950, since then it has been regarded as one of the most advanced spa establishments in Italy.

    The new thermal center is located inside the pinewood. Thanks to the many wellness and beauty treatments with "acqua madre" and Liman from the salt pan you can enjoy a day dedicated to mental and physical well-being.

    Relaxation continues among the century-old pines of the Natural Park, a green oasis of 32 hectares. Take a stroll along the botanical paths, stop for a picnic or look at all the different animal species. In 2014 the Old Farmhouse was created to meet sheep, goats, donkeys, ponies and many bird species face to face inside an enclosed area.

    Another area inside the park is CerviAvventura, the adventure park perfect for both kids and adults who love outdoor sports and activities: the aerial trails among the trees will give you the thrill of being suspended between heaven and earth, while flying among the pines in complete safety.

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