Romantic Locations in Modena and the Surrounding Province

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Are you looking for ideas to celebrate an important occasion (Valentine's Day, a romantic anniversary, a birthday) by surprising your other half and taking them to a special place? 

Here is the ideal itinerary to spend a romantic weekend in Modena or the surrounding province: ten breath-taking places which will be the setting for wonderful moments together to remember forever.

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    48 hours
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    Art & Culture
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  • First stop - Torre Ghirlandina Modena

    The sentinel and lady of the city, the Ghirlandina tower is the symbol of Modena. At nearly 90 metres in height, this bell tower has stood proudly and elegantly beside the Duomo, or cathedral, for over 700 years.

    It is a wondrous piece of architecture which, alongside the Duomo and Piazza Grande, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

    Climbing to the top to enjoy the wonderful 360° view over the city is always a recommended experience, but an important question or declaration would make it even more special.

  • Second stop - Piazzetta della Pomposa Modena

    Intimate, colourful and delicate, Piazzetta della Pomposa is probably one of the most evocative locations in the historic centre. 

    Here you will find the door to what was the house of scholar Ludovico Antonio Muratori as well as the charming fountain Fonticolo dell’Oste, which is associated with the legend featuring Telesforo Fini, a historic and world-renowned restaurateur. 

    The legend states that the words carved on the fountain, which roughly translate as “Telesforo Fini, Modena’s number one restaurateur, donated this fountain to the city due to the excessive amount of water he put into his wine”, were expressly chosen by Telesforo himself, who, having heard the rumours about the watered-down wine, wanted to make fun of the city's gossips by pretending to be so sorry about the wrong inflicted on his customers as to donate a water fountain in compensation.

  • Third stop - Giardini Ducali Modena

    The Giardini Ducali is the city's most important park. It is a charming green space in the heart of the city centre which has, roughly since the 19th century, retained the look of a charming “mixed” garden in which flower beds alternate with wooded areas. Well worth a look within the gardens is the elegant Palazzina del Vigarani, a splendid classical building with 17th century architecture.

    This is the ideal place to take a romantic walk along the gravel paths, surrounded by flourishing nature and centuries-old trees, or else stop and enjoy the moment seated on one of the many benches scattered here and there.

  • Fourth stop - Viali del Parco della Rimembranza Modena

    The viali or boulevards of Parco della Rimembranza, right on the perimeter of the ancient city walls, are the ideal place for a pleasant walk hand in hand during spring and summer, while in autumn the splendid atmosphere created by the foliage will make an excursion here even more special.

  • Fifth stop - Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti – Freni Modena

    What could be more romantic than a night at the opera? 

    Attending an opera, a ballet or a concert is undoubtedly a great way to spend an evening with someone special!
    The Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti – Freni is the city's main opera house and one of the most special in Italy thanks to its excellent acoustics and prestigious architecture.

  • Sixth stop - Cortile del Leccio Modena

    The Cortile del Leccio is a courtyard located inside Complesso San Paolo, a group of historic buildings in the city centre. 

    Inside it is a splendid and ancient holm oak: a hidden jewel which not everybody knows about.

  • Seventh stop - Parco di Villa Gandini, Formigine Formigine

    Villa Gandini is a beautiful and elegant historic residence, an extraordinary example of neoclassical architecture

    Its vast park was designed by Count Luigi Alberto Gandini, owner of the villa and a massive botanical and gardening enthusiast, who had three ponds built. 

    The most charming and poetic is the one located right in front of the villa, framed by two magnificent Gingko Biloba specimens, originally from China. 

    A scene of portentous beauty which is at its best in autumn thanks to the trees’ wonderful yellow foliage.

  • Eighth stop - Terme della Salvarola Salvarola

    Terme della Salvarola, a spa town in the Sassuolo hills, is the perfect place for an intimate and special moment of pure well-being. 

    Salvarola is a very ancient spa destination, amongst the best known in the Emilia-Romagna region, whose waters have unique properties. 

    Today the part dedicated to the spa treatments is joined by a modern well-being centre, where it is possible to enjoy numerous beauty and relaxation treatments, some specifically for couples!

  • Ninth stop - Castelvetro di Modena Castelvetro di Modena

    Nestled between the Lambrusco hills, the wonderful hamlet of Castelvetro is undoubtedly one of the province’s most romantic locations. 

    It is famous for its six towers, the symbol of the village, which date back to the Middle Ages.

    One of these is the beautiful Torre dell'Orologio, which faces onto the suggestive Piazza Roma, a square whose centre contains a giant chess board, and is the perfect panoramic point to begin a romantic stroll around the village's streets.

  • Tenth stop: Bucamante Waterfalls, Serramazzoni Serramazzoni

    Near Serramazzoni there is a natural oasis of extraordinary beauty which owes its name to a legend involving two lovers

    It is the Cascate del Bucamante, or Bucamante Waterfalls. The legend tells the story of the forbidden love between Odina, a young castellan from Monfestino, and Titiro, a shepherd. Thwarted in their passion, the couple decided to throw themselves hand in hand off one of the waterfalls, which has since taken the name of “Buca degli Amanti”. 

    It is a suggestive location, with an incredibly moving history!

Last update 22/10/2023

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