A Pet-Friendly Itinerary in Sestola

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Animal lovers always have an extra opportunity to discover the secrets of the mountains. 

In the company of your pets, the ancient village of Sestola with its castle and lake are a fantastic choice for spending the day outdoors, taking your dog to discover new smells, and making new acquaintances.

  • Length
    24 hours
  • Interests
    Nature & Outdoor
  • Target
  • First stop - Covetta Park Sestola

    Walking in the mountains with your pet is a panacea for both your and your pet's physical health. It also strengthens the relationship and reduces your level of stress in your body.

    The path from the Sestola town center to the Covetta Park is a simple one, but within everyone's reach. It starts from the bell tower and goes up via Governatori del Frignano. When you reach the castle gate, enter and continue until you arrive in the park which is surrounded by trees and equipped with picnic and fitness areas that can be used to train your friend in agility dog discipline. 

    This path has a slight difference in height but you can enjoy a panoramic view. If your four-legged friend belongs to breeds such as bulldogs, pugs and boxers, it may be better to choose for the way with the lesser difference in height. It starts at the bell tower and goes down to the right of the post office, continues along Via Fratta and again goes up the asphalt road called Via della Rocca until you reach the tree-lined park.

    In the natural tranquility of the park, you can enjoy your free time safely.

  • Second stop - Lago della Ninfa Sestola

    Once you have visited the Sestola town center and spent a nice morning with your furry friend enjoying a picnic overlooking the castle, leave the town to head for Lake Ninfa, located the Frignano Park, where you can spend a nice afternoon with your dog on a leash.

    Lake Ninfa can be reached by car in about ten minutes or on foot, equipped with hiking boots and mountain clothing you may take one of the paths that start right from the center. Once at the lake, you can decide to rest in the shade of the trees growing around it, particularly on sultry days.

    If you arrive by car, you may opt to drive to Pian Cavallaro; once you have left your car in the car park close to the mountain huts, take the asphalt road until Fontana Bedini and arrive at the Pian Cavallaro hut. If you want to change your way back, you can go through the forest path. The sunset will not be long in coming, and once the hour has come, if you wish to continue enjoying the peace and the fresh air of the place, you can book a table in one of the huts next to the lake and dine.

Last update 26/01/2024

Information offices

IAT del Cimone
Corso Umberto I, 3 - Sestola (MO)
+ 39 0536 62324 + 39 0536 61621 turismo@comune.sestola.mo.it Opening: all year round

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