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The sweet rhythm of the calm valleys is the perfect background of this itinerary in which the wellbeing of body and mind is the undisputed protagonist.

Emilia-Romagna is characterized by a never-ending blend of nature, culture and excellent cuisine, making all experiences in the area unforgettable.

This itinerary will help you discover an enchanted side of Romagna characterized by the rhythm of the landscape.

  • Length
    72 hours
  • Interests
    Spa & Wellness
  • Target
  • First stop - Bagno di Romagna Bagno di Romagna

    Start at Bagno di Romagna, a Municipality in the Percorsi del Savio Valley, and immediately experience wellbeing thanks to the nature surrounding the village and, most importantly, thanks to the therapeutic properties of its thermal waters, already known back in Roman times.
    The Romans were able to look ahead: they were the first to create thermal baths called Balneum (indeed, Bath), parts of which are still visible today.

    But the thermal baths aren’t the only thing worth visiting in Bagno di Romagna.
    This area of the world is very well-known when it comes to food, as well as for the stories of sightings of gnomes and fairies which, according to generations of legends, have long been living freely in the woods around the small town.
    It shouldn’t be hard to find someone in the village who is sure to have seen an enchanted creature at least once.
    Because of its reputation of being a village of gnomes, a theme path has been created for children and for all those who wish to hold on to their imagination.

  • Second stop - Ridracoli Dam Santa Sofia

    This itinerary still has some surprises to offer, and it is now time to move to Santa Sofia, a village surrounded by the National Park of the Casentino Forests, the perfect starting point to get in contact with nature in the Campigna Forest and in the artificial basin of the Ridracoli Dam.

    Santa Sofia is part of Cittaslow, as can be seen in the dishes on the table; the main plate of the high Bidente Valley is the stuffed tortello alla lastra, celebrated every year in the famous festival that takes its name. The humble story of this dish is that it was prepared by cooking the tortelli on an irregular sandstone.

    What to do at the Ridracoli Dam? There are endless possibilities, but since this itinerary is dedicated to wellbeing, it is time to think about sports. Here you will have the chance to do some trekking, ride a canoe or an electrical boat, and cycle lovers can rent an e-bike with a guide for a trip along the forest trail that leads to the Foresta della Lama, to the ring trail around the lake or a walk along the main trails to discover the most fascinating places in the National Park.

  • Third stop - Capo d'Arno Campigna

    However, Ridracoli is not the only point of interest for discovering the nature found in this area, whose natural heritage is always a surprise. Of course, there are many possibilities for trekking, and you mustn’t miss spending a day exploring the Campigna Forest.

    Here you will find trails for all needs and seasons, from old routes and mule tracks, to mountain ridges with breathtaking views immersed in pure and fascinating nature.
    One of the most impressive is the one that goes from the Rifugio Capanna at Mount Falterona to Capo d’Arno, a route that offers not only landscape and natural beauty, but also historical, archaeological and literary places of interest. During this walk you will come across the Lago degli Idoli [Lake of the Idols], an important archaeological site with hundreds of Etruscan ruins.
    If you keep going, you will reach the final destination, Capo d’Arno, the source of the Arno river. Here, you will notice a plaque with the verses of the Canto XIV of Purgatory in the Divine Comedy in which Dante recalled the place he probably passed through on his way to Romagna.

    And now, enjoy your journey and be well!

Last update 09/11/2021

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