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This little town of the Apennines, in the heart of the Tuscan Romagna Region, is located along the E-45, the highway that goes from Rome, the capital city, to Ravenna, the harbor city that houses some of the best Byzantine heritage.
It is a few tens of kilometers away from the Adriatic sea, on the north side, and from the Tuscan cities of Arezzo and Florence, on the south side.

Why visit it

Bagno di Romagna is the slow-life temple.
The pureness of the natural elements, the warmth of the hot springs waters, the intensity of the food, the friendliness of a small mountain community and the high quality of its services, built up through a long experience in hospitality, are the essence of a land that introduces you to history, wellness, wild nature, tasty food and religious meditation. Follow the historic foot-steps of our Tuscan routes; enjoy the pleasure of our hot springs and beauty centres; walk deep into the wilderness of the Casentinesi Forest National Park with its nature, abandoned villages and hiking trails; taste our recipes: the ones from worldwide famous chefs and the ones served in the warm environment of a family business; let your soul be inspired by the century old monasteries that are on the most remote crest of our mountains.

When to go and what to see

Bagno di Romagna is the place where you can enjoy a holiday all year long.
Our spas, our nature, our culture and our food make it special any time of year.
Every time, every season, every mood is an ode to slow life and wellness.

In the coldest winter, our hot waters, that come out from natural springs at a temperature of 45 degrees, let you experience the pleasure of an outdoor spa and the beauty of a swim in the middle of the snow.

During the spring blooming, Bagno di Romagna looks like a painted picture. Plenty of colors embrace you: the green of the wide Forest that covers the border with Tuscany; the yellow of the farm lands that go down toward the plane; the blue of the Comero lakes where you can fish, camp and walk, before a nighttime swim in the spa, open until late in the evening.

In the summer, the historic centre turns into a backdrop for art, culture and exhibits while the short pilgrimage to the Corzano church, the new pedestrian walkway from San Piero to Bagno, the Comero lakes and the historic path to the Chiardovo natural spring give you a natural shelter from the heat.

When autumn comes, enjoy the underbrush food: truffles and mushrooms enrich our recipes, which become noble plates in the Michelen starred restaurants of the town and traditional food in the country resorts dotting the abandoned Pietrapazza valley and the Comero area.

Room with a view

“I nidi”, “Il castello”, “Le caselle” are the three historic country resorts, nestled in the ancient town of Ridracoli (km 34), that, thanks to a recent renovation, have been brought back to their original sand stone architecture. Together they now represent a charming accommodation for people looking for picturesque nights in the Casentinesi Forest National Park. Enjoy hiking tours, kayaks and barbecues while living in a true Tuscan-Romagna style cottage.

Don't miss

The so called Palace of the Captain, where the exhibition centre, the library and the historic archives are, together with the Basilca of Santa Maria Assunta, a Roman Style church enriched by masterpieces of Renaissance painters and craftsmen, represent the heart of the artistic side of Bagno di Romagna. The Lama Forest (km 35) and the natural conservation area of Sasso Fratino represent the most important natural heritage of the Casentinesi Forest Natural Park.

On the table

The crossover of Tuscan and Romagna styles have created the unique taste of "Basotti", a recipe made of tagliolini with soup that you can enjoy only in Bagno di Romagna.
Do not forget also to taste "tortelli alla lastra" and the fresh cheese Raviggiolo as well.
Along our valley you can also enjoy a wine tasting tour Strada dei vini e dei sapori and experience the best truffle based recipes.

Having fun

Many activities can be done in the surroundings of Bagno di Romagna:: hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, but also sport fishing...and for those who love water the electric boat that every weekend offers small cruises on Lake Ridracoli, ensuring a unique perspective out over the upper Bidente valley and the Casentinesi Forest Natural Park.

Keeping fit

The swimming pools of three different modern spas give natural warmth and water massages for wellness lovers. Our network of trails Val di Bagno Trek, over 200 hundred kilometers long, is an outdoor gym for bikers and hikers. Those who love relaxing with an easy walk in the evening can choose instead our sport equipped footpath along the Savio River and the brand new footway from San Piero to Bagno.

Significant appointments

Every year there is a full calendar of events to enliven the stay of guests in this quiet spa resort town.

In the surroundings

Just over 1 km from Bagno di Romagna stands the ancient core of the Gualchiere, located at the beginning of the road that once led to Tuscany through Passo Serra, lapped by the clear waters of the Capanne canal and crowned by the green of the Apennine ridges, which offers hiking enthusiasts the opportunity to go along old mule tracks or venture along charcoal burners' paths up to more demanding hiking towards La Verna or Camaldoli within the Casentinesi Forest Natural Park.

Mount Comero (km 12), called by the locals “Lion's head” because of its shape, is dotted with three small and medium lakes - Acquapartita, Lungo and Pontini – which represent the ideal spot for picnics, sport fishing and, in Autumn, for chestnut gatherers. On the opposite side of the Savio river, the abandoned valley of Pietrapazza still has some of the most well-preserved traditional style country estates: the isolated stone ruins, the small villages and the churches of Poggio alla Lastra (km 27), Strabatenza (km 28), Pietrapazza (km 30), and Casanova dell'Alpe (km 29 ). Bagno di Romagna is in the heart of a pilgrimage network. First it is crossed by Via dei Romei, the ancient pilgrimage route that connected Northern Europe to Rome. In the areas nearby Bagno are the the Monastry of Camaldoli Monastero di Camaldoli (km 28), the Sanctuary of La Verna Santuario de La Verna (km 42), where San Francis had the stigmata, and the one thousand year old Basilica of Sarsina Basilica (km 20).

Information offices

I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni e Centro Visita Parco Nazionale di Bagno di Romagna
Via Fiorentina, 38 - Bagno di Romagna (FC)
+ 39 0543 911046 Opening: all year round

Last update 28/02/2022

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