Acquapartita and the lakes area

Built in recent years, the hamlet of Acquapartita is located on the edge of the homonymous lake, on the slopes of Mount Còmero, along the SP. 43 which from S. Piero in Bagno leads to Mount Fumaiolo and the sources of the Tiber River. The place name comes from a curious history. Until the beginning of the eighteenth century there was a natural lake that belonged to the community and was rented out: the tenant had the obligation to ensure that it did not dry up or - as they said at the time - "that the water did not leave" (acqua = water, partita= left). One of these tenants evidently caused the "water to leave". The lake was restored in the late nineteenth century.

Why visit it

Acquapartita is a place surrounded by greenery, ideal for holidays and relaxation, with hotels and renowned restaurants offering mushrooms, truffles and game. In the surrounding area, pristine woods and fine chestnut woods offer the possibility of hiking, mountain biking and horse riding. A few kilometers from the Foreste Casentinesi, Montefalterona and Campigna National Park, the Acquapartita lake is today characterized by a fish fauna capable of offering the possibility of fishing in all seasons and with different sports techniques thanks to the presence of four subspecies of trout such as lake trout or salmon trout, two types of pike, carp, tench, sturgeon, salmierino and black bass.

When to go and what to see

Recently developed around a small lake on the slopes of Mount Comero.

The hotels and other services are immersed in the surrounding greenery and the restaurants are renowned for their mushroom, truffle and game dishes.

It is the ideal place for a relaxing break with picnic areas and trails through dense chestnut woods.

The quality of the fish in the lake allow for all fishing techniques throughout the year. Fishing lessons and competitions are organised, here, too. 

In the surroundings


Not far from the Acquapartita Lake there are two other wonderful bodies of water: Lago dei Pontini (748 m asl) and Lagolungo (616 m asl), both located on the slopes of Mount Còmero. They formed following a huge landslide that broke away on 15 February 1855 from San Cataldo, in the north-west side of the Còmero, and which in its slow flow destroyed about fifty houses, including the Baroncioni village and the church of Crocesanta, to then reach the Savio, temporarily barring its course. Around them there is an ancient chestnut grove that includes many old trees. Today the delightful bodies of water - the largest (2.5 hectares) is that of the Pontini - surrounded by centuries-old chestnut trees and lush nature, are ideal places for recreation and relaxation. There are refreshment points with local gastronomic specialties, picnic areas, paths for healthy walks on foot, by MTB or on horseback. Trout, carp, tench, and pike allow for all the various fishing techniques in every season; sport fishing competitions and lessons are organized here.

Enjoy the relaxation of the lakes and the benefit of the thermal waters for a holiday of wellness and nature.

Information offices

I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni e Centro Visita Parco Nazionale di Bagno di Romagna
Via Fiorentina, 38 - Bagno di Romagna (FC)
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