The lakes in the Savio Routes

Lakes surrounded by breathtaking views and surrounded by a quiet that restores the soul

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The lakes of the Savio routes, located in a suggestive corner of Romagna, offer an extraordinary immersion in the uncontaminated nature of this area. 

This complex of lakes, known for its timeless beauty and enveloping tranquility, represents an unmissable destination for those seeking an escape from the daily frenzy. 

Located in the heart of a lush landscape, the Lakes of the Savio Paths are a hidden treasure, composed of several bodies of water, each with its own distinctive personality, these lakes are set among lush forests and green slopes and offer the opportunity to practice sports, such as fishing, trekking, canoeing and stand up paddleboarding. 

In addition to the natural beauty, not far from the lakes there is also the opportunity to explore the rich culture and tradition of the Savio Valley with its villages full of history and tradition.

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    24 hours
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  • First stop - Lago Lungo and Lago Pontini Bagno di Romagna

    Our itinerary starts with a visit to two delightful lakes, located in the municipality of Bagno di Romagna, a very short distance from each other.

    Lake Pontini, at an altitude of 748 meters above sea level, and Lagolungo, 616 meters above sea level, find their enchanting location on the slopes of Mount Còmero. 

    These splendid bodies of water have unique origins, generated by a massive landslide which occurred on 15 February 1855 from the north-west side of the Còmero, precisely from San Cataldo, which resulted in the destruction of around fifty homes. 

    Today, these delightful lakes, of which Lago dei Pontini is the largest with a surface area of ​​2.5 hectares, are framed by mighty chestnut trees and surrounded by lush nature, creating an ideal environment for relaxation and free time. On the banks of the lakes, you can find welcoming refreshment points offering local gastronomic delicacies, specially equipped areas for picnics and paths that wind through the surrounding landscape, ideal for pleasant walks, mountain biking or horseback riding. Around the lakes there is also an ancient chestnut grove which is home to centuries-old trees and which in the autumn sees the presence of numerous users for the chestnut harvest. 

    The rich fish fauna of the lakes allows fishing enthusiasts to practice the most diverse sport fishing techniques in every season of the year. Furthermore, these places host fishing competitions and schools, offering a complete experience for lovers of this fascinating sport.

     Lago dei Pontini and Lagolungo constitute an oasis of serenity and fun, where natural beauty blends harmoniously with recreational activities, creating an unforgettable experience for anyone who ventures between their shores. 

    Don't miss a visit to the theme park dedicated to the culture of the Native Americans which stands directly on the shores of Long Lake.

  • Second stop - Lago di Acquapartita Bagno di Romagna

    We now move to another fascinating lake, Lake Acquapartita, also located on the slopes of Monte Comero and just a few minutes away from the first two. This is a lake dedicated in particular to sport fishing, but it is also an oasis of serenity where families with children can spend a few hours in absolute tranquility. Reestablished at the end of the nineteenth century, Lake Acquapartita owes its name to a curious episode that occurred at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Despite the practice of renting the small lake to a caretaker for its surveillance, in order to prevent "the water from leaving" (l'acqua partisse in Italian), the basin unexpectedly dried up, leaving the land dry.

    Immersed in the greenery a few kilometers from the National Park of the Casentino Forests of Montefalterona and Campigna, Lake Acquapartita boasts a rich fish fauna which offers the opportunity to practice fishing in all seasons, using different sporting techniques and where fishing enthusiasts will find a unique and stimulating environment. 

    The hamlet of Acquapartita, a few km from Bagno di Romagna, offers the possibility of spending holiday periods immersed in total tranquility. The hotel facilities, the typical restaurants of the Romagna tradition and the paths that can be explored on foot, on horseback or by bicycle make this place an oasis of relaxation. 

    It is strongly recommended to visit the lake even in the middle of winter: when the ice that envelops it offers a unique spectacle, worthy of the most evocative mountain panoramas.

  • Third stop - Lago di Quarto Sarsina

    We leave the Comero lakes, in the municipality of Bagno di Romagna, to move to the evocative scenery of Lake Quarto, located in the territory of the municipality of Sarsina and the last stop on our itinerary. Its formation dates back to a tragic and natural event in 1812, when a landslide gave life to this basin, fed by the Savio river and the Para torrent. 

    Today, Lake Quarto presents itself as an authentic sanctuary of flora and fauna, an experience to be had with a true immersion in its biodiversity. Its banks are adorned with alders, poplars and varieties of willows, with large areas of reeds, cattails and rushes. Tall oaks, cypresses, pines, junipers, brooms, sedges and ferns help create a vibrant and diverse environment.

    The fauna that populates the lake reflects the typical richness of wetlands. Birds of many varieties are found here, from kingfishers to wild ducks. The waters of the lake are inhabited by numerous fish species ranging from catfish to eels, as well as numerous amphibians and dragonflies and aquatic beetles that dance on the surface.

    In the suggestive area of ​​the pine forest, roe deer, fallow deer, wild boars, hedgehogs, porcupines, squirrels, badgers, grass snakes, vipers and a great variety of birds make this place a true naturalistic paradise. 

    To best explore Lake Quarto, we invite visitors to follow the circular itinerary approximately 8 km long, which winds between lake edges, stretches of flooded forest and reed thickets. Fords over cyclopean boulders, wooden walkways and ancient embankments recovered as floating rafts contribute to making this place truly magical, respecting the delicate balance of the ecosystem. In addition to the lake ring, accessible only on foot and well signposted with ten themed stopping points, there are two piers for water activities, signposted bicycle routes and ideal places for birdwatching. 

    Lake Quarto is splendid in all seasons and is also the ideal destination for children, who in summer will be able to practice various activities including sport fishing, SUP and canoeing and then refresh themselves in the dedicated picnic area.

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