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Relaxation and adrenaline in the adventure park on the hills between Forlì and Cesena

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Behind Bertinoro, in an area marked by rolling hills and enchanting landscapes between Forlì and Cesena, a short distance from the well-known spa of Fratta Terme, stands Around Adventure, the first adventure park in all of Romagna for vastness and number of routes, but also one of the best equipped in Italy.

An intricate network of ropes, nets, footbridges and cableways runs through the large Fratta park, building acrobatic itineraries suitable for all ages. As many as 16 are the suspended paths at over 20 meters above the ground, with which to live to the test and test one's technical skills and courage.

Tibetan bridges, swinging logs, walkways, vertical nets, pendulums, and more are just some of the structures that you can try inside the Fratta Terme adventure park.

Added to these are attractions such as the climbing tower with eight climbing walls, a jump into the void from a height of 10 meters and a giant three-seat swing that guarantees the thrill of speed thanks to its strong acceleration.

Among sequoias, pines, cedars and oaks, this area perfectly combines the desire for adventure with the desire for tranquility and well-being thanks to the presence of two swimming pools immersed in greenery, where you can relax and refresh.

Open from spring to autumn, the adventure park - whose entrance is subject to a fee - has refreshment points, a picnic area, and is open to events, private parties (even at night), team building and welcome paths for summer camps and schools.


Last update 24/06/2021

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