Trebbia River Regional Park

A natural oasis where the Piacenza hills meet the lower Po Plain

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Stretching from the town of Rivergaro all the way to Piacenza, about 30 km of land make up this large protected area, a witness to the transformations that the fertile plain of Piacenza has undergone over the last few centuries. It is here that the river, no longer forced between the slopes of the valleys, expands and releases an abundant load of gravel, sand and lime, and gives life to a landscape that transforms as the seasons change.

During the summer, the width of the riverbed provides the best opportunity for you explore this diverse natural landscape, surrounded by thousands of migratory birds that choose to nest in this area.

If you raise your eyes to the horizon, beyond the confines of the park, you will notice several fortifications that punctuate the lower slopes of the Apennines. Some of these belong to the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza network of castles (like the village of Rivalta), which are ideal destinations to take a trip into the past and learn more about the history of this area.

The environment and scenery

The Trebbia River Park is an environment that is strongly conditioned by the seasonal trend of rainfall. The torrential course conditions the surrounding vegetation so that, in the sections less exposed to flood streams, it is possible to observe luxuriant flora growth, such as, for example, abundant blooms of wild orchids. However, the rest of the landscape is composed of large river terraces where grasslands and shrubs alternate with cultivated fields.

A place of rest and transit for numerous migratory birds, there are different animal species that can be observed walking around in this area, such as the little ringed plover and the stone-curlew, which has become a symbol of the park because of its rarity.

What can you do there?

The Trebbia River Park really is a journey through nature, culture, food and wine, where historic vestiges of the past alternate with the charm of the landscape and its historic and culinary traditions. 

Thanks to the Trebbia Cycle Path (Piacenza-Gossolengo) and a network of simple trails, it is possible to enjoy the entire area of the park throughout the year.


Last update 21/05/2021

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