Italy in miniature

In Viserba, the theme park where even the little ones can become giants

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The curiosity and desire to discover the monuments and the beautiful sites of Italy is what drives thousands of people to visit Italy in miniature every year – 273 architectural marvels, meticulously reproduced to scale, surrounded by a large green park just a few kilometres north of Rimini

The brainchild of Ivo Rambaldi, since 1970, this park has led its visitors by the hand around Italy thanks to a display of miniature buildings, which are extremely faithful to the original and show amazing realism, including monuments, palaces, historical sites, dreamy landscapes and much more. 

In a single, extraordinary glance, you can admire the vestiges of the Colosseum, be amazed in front of the spires of the Cathedral of Milan, smile at the Leaning Tower of Pisa and fall in love with the architectural wonders of Florence, Naples, Palermo, Ravenna and many other cities.

All this is surrounded by manicured lawns, flowers and over 5,000 dwarf trees – all faithful to the national flora – that enrich the landscape with freshness and colour. 

In addition to numerous mechanical attractions and live shows, it is possible to take a tour of Europe through its most famous and well-known monuments, or hop aboard a boat to discover shrunken Venice at a 1:5 scale.

The park is a true playground for ideas and the imagination with a strong focus on educational tours. Each one can be tailor-made and offers schools of all types and level an opportunity to learn more about the world in an informative and entertaining way.


Last update 24/05/2021

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