The Night of Liscio Music

From dawn to dusk, the beaches and squares of Romagna are transformed into “an open-air dance hall”

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If you think dancing the Liscio is only for old fogies, you could not be more wrong. Every year with the arrival of summer, many venues on the coast of Romagna, from Comacchio to Cattolica, along with some inland towns, join forces to pay homage to one of the most distinctive features of the region, Liscio music.

To the notes of waltzes, polkas and mazurkas, professional dancers and simple enthusiasts of all ages take to the squares of the Riviera, expressing their passion for this musical genre as they dance the night away.  

Classical performances given by the most famous orchestras are contrasted beautifully with very contemporary shows where the traditional liscio dance undergoes a fusion by introducing it to various music genres, such as rock, rap and even traditional sounds from other parts of the world.

To the cry of “Romagna mia, Romagna in fiore” [My Romagna, Romagna in bloom: the lyrics of one of the most famous songs in the liscio genre by Romagna’s own Secondo Casadei], for a whole weekend, many spectators, musicians and dance schools pour into the squares and beaches, transforming them into open-air dance halls.

There is a jam-packed programme of events, ranging from performances from the best dance schools, cultural events on the origin and history of the liscio genre, dancing on the beach at dawn or sunset, concerts by the most celebrated liscio orchestras to events related to local folklore and the food and wine delicacies of the region.

They say that liscio is just a dance, but in Romagna, it is definitely something more. In Savignano sul Rubicone, there is even a  museum dedicated to this musical genre, which has been bringing joy and entertainment to people of all ages for more than a century.

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