Terme San Luca

Enjoy sport and fitness at this spa on the outskirts of Bologna

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The Terme San Luca spa is part of the Mare Termale Bolognese spa group. 

Located on the outskirts of the city on the west side and easy to reach by public transport from Bologna city centre, this facility was entirely sport and fitness-focussed before it was renovated in 2013.

Today, the Terme San Luca continues its original vocation with its centre that comprises two gyms and a wide range of classes set in the thermal pool (including water aerobics and aqua fitness) to stay in shape whilst benefiting from the healing properties of the water, all year round.

The thermal waters are the fundamental core of this facility and issue from the Alexander 2 spring, renowned as early as Roman times. The 18 different trace elements carried by these bicarbonate and calcium-rich sulphur waters offer therapeutic effects for the respiratory tract and relief for rheumatic joint disorders, as well as benefits for the face and body.

The Terme San Luca not only helps you stay in shape but lets you pamper yourself too with the calming and healing properties of the natural thermal baths, which consist of a thermal pool and wellness pool, a sauna with an aromatic Aufguss ritual and salt steam bath, Kneipp oasis and other therapy systems designed to boost psychophysical wellness.

Wellness, spa and beauty treatments

Alongside the more traditional ways to care for the body at the spa, such as balneotherapy and inhalations, this Bologna spa also offers an alternative method to restore your natural beauty.

The regenerative treatments at the Terme San Luca provide guests with a series of therapies to combat signs of premature ageing, to begin a slimming programme or to minimise imperfections by activating the metabolism, blood vessels, cells and mitochondria.   

Those who love to pamper themselves with spa treatments can take their pick from the selection of facial and body services available: facial treatments range from relaxing and regenerating to firming and plumping, whilst the body can enjoy the detox treatment with silk protein or thermal beer treatment, naturally rich in vitamin B, which helps to keep skin feeling supple and hydrated.

Lastly, there are wellness packages with massages, mud wraps and much more: the perfect way to experience a deep sense of inner harmony.


Last update 19/07/2021

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