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From aqua cycling to water aerobics. A whole world of fitness and wellness awaits you at this Bologna spa

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A spa town since Roman times, Bologna has recently gone back to its roots to re-embrace this centuries-old tradition by forming the Mare Termale Bolognese spa network, which comprises the Terme Felsinee and other facilities located in the Bologna area.

From thermal water treatments to fitness-focussed activities, this facility provides a great opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and to indulge in a few moments of wellness for the mind and body, any time of year, just a few minutes’ drive from the city centre.

Opened in 1992 and renovated in 2012, the Terme Felsinee not only specialises in the treatment of various disorders through the use of thermal water, but also boasts an array of pool and gym classes, specially designed for all-round fitness.

Thermal waters

Certain inscriptions that were unearthed in the centre of Bologna date the city's thermal baths, built under the empire of Augustus, all the way back to the first century AD. Today, the Terme Felsinee still benefits from the healing power of those ancient waters, which predominantly issue from the Alexander and San Luca springs.

Bicarbonate and calcium-rich sulphur water is used at this spa for inhalations, rehabilitation sessions, pool baths and for a range of other therapeutic purposes. Those suffering from rheumatic joint disorders or ear, nose and throat conditions, for example, will find particular relief in the waters from the Alexander spring. This sulphur water can also serve as an effective treatment for skin disorders too.

Fitness and wellness

On the fitness side of things, the Terme Felsinee have a lot to offer. The facility affords a gym and holds fitness classes in the thermal pool, including water aerobics, vascular fitness sessions and fat-burning and ‘abs, butt and thigh’ workouts. Other classes held in the pool include a prenatal class and aqua cycling class on aqua bikes.

In the warmer months, the facility garden is used as the setting for yoga classes, pilates sessions, and more, for a wellness break immersed in greenery.

Wellness-focussed spa packages comprise access to the pools, sauna, steam room, vascular therapy system, ice bath and much more. As for the massages and beauty treatments, the facility also offers neck massages, thermal beer massages, anti-ageing and purifying facial treatments and anti-cellulite mud treatments.

The Terme Felsinee in Bologna also provides aesthetic treatments and offers nutritional and metabolic advice on the diet known as the mitochondria diet.


Last update 03/03/2021

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