Piane di Mocogno ski resort

On the slopes of Mount Cantiere, there is a ski resort entirely surrounded by unspoilt nature

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Just an hour’s drive from Modena, Piane di Mocogno is a small tourist resort on the slopes of Mount Cantiere (1,617 m) between the jagged peaks of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

Many visitors come here to spend a relaxing holiday that allows them to escape their hectic routines. The tradition of skiing in this area dates back to 1928, when the slopes were officially inaugurated, and today the area, although small, is well-equipped and serviced with the latest generation of ski lifts.

Fans of Alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding and even snowshoe hikes will find everything they need in this area: the slopes are always well-covered in snow (thanks to an artificial snowmaking system), 5 lifts to reach the summit of Mount Cantiere, four slopes on different levels, ski school slopes, a beautiful baby park, equipped with a carpet lift for climbing and descending the baby slope in dinghies, a bobsleigh and sledding slope, and a night ski slope available upon reservation for small groups or sports competitions.

Finally, there is the Piana Amorotti Cross-Country Skiing Centre, considered the cross-country skiing paradise of the High Modenese Apennines, with over 50 km of slopes on 9 trails, ideal for experts but also great for beginners; as well as over 25 km of trails for snowshoe hikes, even at night, with the possibility of refreshment at the ski lodges.

Once the snow melts, the Piane di Mocogno offers wonderful verdant views with plenty of trails to tackle on foot or by mountain bike. Among them is the ancient Via Vandelli, an old commercial and military road built in the middle of the eighteenth century to connect Modena and Massa, still accessible for the most part on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike.

Finally, let us not forget the small "Piane Adventure" Park, a leisure and recreation area that offers its visitors treetop adventure courses, Tibetan bridges and many other attractions during the summer months with respect for the natural environment.


Last update 18/12/2023

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