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Mocogno Lama is situated in a dominant position between the valleys of the rivers Scoltenna and Mocogno with a wonderful view of Monte Cimone, in a privileged area due to the passage of important communication routes between the towns in the mountains.

Why visit it

This area is an ideal place for those who, in addition to skiing, are looking for relaxation and tranquility in a natural setting. Its traditions, which are expressed in various festivals, are still alive and well rooted in this town thanks to the many cultural groups and their efforts to spread interest.

When to go and what to see

The ski resort of this area was opened in 1928. Over the years it has become the preferred resort, both in summer and in winter, for the many opportunities that it still offers, and for its clean air. The surrounding environment is made up of vast forests of chestnut, oak, beech, and fir trees and many protected species of flowers. There are also many different species of fauna such as foxes, wild boars, owls and hawks.

In the village there are sporting facilities such as tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, snow and a kids tubing park also open in the summer. Throughout the summer, tournaments, shows and entertainment are organized. Two equipped places near lakes are frequented by visitors who prefer to go fishing.

The Piane of Mocogno is a lodge (10 km) that offers the chance to go hiking and mountain biking, orienteering and Nordic walking, a new discipline that combines fitness and wellness. Piane of Mocogno is an ideal place to practice sports, for the variety of paths and trails of various lengths and gradients, suitable for children, adults and seniors. During the winter Piane welcome lovers of alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and snowboarding.

Don't miss

In a magical place where the borders of the municipalities of Pavullo, Lama Mocogno, and Polinago meet, surrounded by a lush forest, and a selection of easy paths, there is of the most important place of the Apennines: the Devil's Bridge. It is a natural monolith that connects the sides of a ravine, 33 meters long and 3 wide. The name suggests that the site was home to ancient pagan rites.

On the table

The tradition of mountain cuisine blends tastes and flavors of our land: tortellini, polenta, crescentine, borlenghi, and many products of the undergrowth, such as mushrooms, raspberries, blackberries and much more. Parmigiano Reggiano  is the "King" of cheeses and it is produced in local dairies.

Keeping fit

At Barigazzo (10 km), where nature is untouched, there is "La Sorgente del Benessere”, specializing in relaxation therapies – such as mirtilloterapia (blueberry treatments), reflexology foot massage, fitness, aromatherapy, and cave therapy. This Spa, original and intimate, also offers treatments using natural products prepared in the "La Sorgente" laboratories.

Significant appointments

Throughout this area on the first weekend in October, Lama Mocogno celebrates the king of cheese produced by local dairies with the festival "Parmigiano Reggiano to taste", which brings together good food, old times, games and events dedicated to the "form" (cheese).

Among the festivals in August, of note is the Raspberry Festival, and in the third weekend of July there is now the tradition of the "in Torre Day" at the Tower of Montecenere (4 km).

In the surroundings

Around Mocogno tourists can recognize traces of the old Via Vandelli, a commercial and military road belonging to the Duchy of Modena. In the town nowadays there are still two original features of the old road, which can be seen on foot or by bike. Although the original route has been largely erased the road has kept the charm of old ruts.

Information offices

UIT Lama Mocogno
Via XXIV Maggio, 4 - Lama Mocogno (MO)
+ 39 0536 344390

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