Schia Ski Resort

A jewel of tourism less than one hour from Parma on the slopes of Mount Caio

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With enchanting forests and scenic spots of rare beauty, the Schia ski district unfolds along the slopes of  Mount Caio, which is one of the largest massifs in the Apennines with peaks between 1,200 and 1,600 metres high.

The ski area is equipped with a modern snowmaking system that ensures the presence of snow throughout the winter season. The resort is mainly equipped for downhill skiing, but cross-country skiing, ski touring and off-piste skiing can also be done.

Four different lift systems (two ski lifts, a carpet lift and a two-seater chairlift) are in operation on the 10 ski slopes that run through the entire area, for an overall network of pistes covering over 15 km.

At Pian delle Guide, near the entrance to the chairlift, is ParKaio, the terrain park reserved for those who love snowboarding tricks with boxes and jumps and a night-time lighting system for the area.

Further down, at the Schia ski school slope, the little ones can have fun in Skialand, the snow playground, also active in summer with trampolines, inflatable toys and bouncy slides, a play area, and a breathtaking slide down a synthetic slope in dinghies. There are also skiing and snowboarding schools for those who want to improve their technique or learn these sports for the first time.

During the summer, Mount Caio and the entire area offer numerous picnic areas and walking, mountain biking or horse riding trails. The chairlift continues operation during the summer, which means visitors can easily reach the mountain ridge and from here set off to discover the stunning landscape, such as the Bocchialini peak, the Horn of Caneto, the hermitage of St. Matthew and the Cross of La Latta. 

Finally, at the top, there is a picnic and rest stop area, one of the best in Italy, where visitors can take a leap of faith on a hang glider or paraglider and take in the unforgettable views.

Apartment hotels, sports shops and equipment rental: the entire area is well served with amenities that ensure visitors and tourists have a pleasant and comfortable stay. The jewel in the crown, of course, is the cuisine and the many local delicacies that have earned this area the title of Food Valley of Italy.

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Last update 03/02/2023

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