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Refined Albinea is located in the Matildic Lands, at the feet of the Reggio Emilia Apennines. It is made up of 3 communities: Borzano, Montericco and Albinea-Fola.

Why visit it

Albinea’s territory stands out for its natural beauty, as well as for its historical and artistic buildings. Interesting examples of rural architecture include the XVI-century tower-house of Broletto and the tower-house of Rotonda di Borzano which, thanks to its position and architectural features, can be considered as one of the finest examples in the entire foothill area in the Reggio Emilia province. 

Albinea is lively and dynamic all year, but the natural beauty of the surrounding woods is particularly attractive during spring and summer when many people, also from nearby Reggio Emilia, go there to seek some relief from the heat.

Don't miss

In addition to the Castle of Albinea and the Castle of Montericco (to be seen only from outside, as they are private dwellings and in an excellent state of conservation), there are the Benedictine Parish Churches (XI century), and the many villas built in past centuries by the most important families from Reggio Emilia, including the neoclassic Villa Moratti and the superb Villa Tarabini Viganò which houses, in the attic, the municipal vinegar cellar; Villa Calvi, from the XVIII century, Villa Arnò from the XIX century, and the summer venue of an important jazz festival; Villa Sidoli-Rossi, famous for an episode from World War II: the attack of English and Russian parachutists, flanked by partisans, on the headquarters of the German 5th Command. The building belonged to Giuditta Sidoli, the Risorgimento heroine from Reggio Emilia, and it is said that Giuseppe Mazzini frequented her house at the time of “La Giovine Italia” (Young Italy). 

Significant appointments

Lambrusco Festival - Third weekend of June
Tastings, gastronomic stands, restaurant, exhibitions and performances.

Albinea Jazz - July
Jazz festival, with the participation of excellent jazz musicians and international jazz groups.

Fola Fair - First weekend of September
Music, shows, exhibitions, guided tours.

Autumn Fair-Ciccioli Balsamici (Balsamic Pork Cracklings) - Fourth weekend of October
Flavours, meetings, tastings and traditions. 

In the surroundings

Worth mentioning among the numerous surrounding paths, is that of the hamlet of Borzano, accessed at the Tana della Mussina, a natural cavity and important Aeneolithic location in Emilia. 

Information offices

Proloco Albinea
Via Rodolfo Morandi, 9 - Albinea (RE)
+ 39 0522 590266 Opening: seasonal

Last update 15/03/2021

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