Borgonovo Val Tidone

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The town is situated at the feet of the Apennines, not far from the river Tidone, whose name was given by Hannibal Barca. 

The legend says that the Carthaginian leader, as a gesture of gratitude for crossing the river, threw a ring in the water pronouncing the sentence "ti dono" (I give you).

When to go and what to see

The best period to visit Borgonovo Val Tidone goes from spring to autumn, while the neighbourhoods offer fascinating perspectives during the whole year.

On the table

Borgonovo Val Tidone has got its own Product of Municipal Designation of Origin called Chisöla (focaccia with pork rinds). The recipe includes poor ingredients typical of peasant cuisine such as white flour, pork rinds, brewer's yeastlard, water and salt. On the table there are typical dishes of local tradition, PDO and DOC.

Having fun

In the city center Cinema Teatro Capitol.

Significant appointments

The market on Easter Monday has a long tradition and usually attracts many people, while the gastronomic fair dedicated to the Chisöla is the protagonist of September.

In the surroundings

In the neighbourhood: in Castelnovo Val Tidone the remarkable presence of a Private Castle (opened upon request); Ziano Piacentino is surrounded by marvelous hills covered with colourful vineyards, and Castel San Giovanni.
The area is part of the itinerary "Strada dei vini e dei sapori dei colli piacentini".

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