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Located along the Via Emilia, halfway between Faenza and Imola, Castel Bolognese is an important agricultural and industrial village founded by Bologna in 1389.

Why visit it

Castel Bolognese is the gateway to the Upper Senio Valley. Furthermore, it represents a concrete reality with an industrial vocation, especially in the production of ceramics.

Along the avenues, squares, and in some public buildings and churches, the works of Angelo Biancini are on display. Born and raised in Castel Bolognese, he was a sculptor and ceramist. He was very well-known both in Italy and abroad for his creations.

The works are bronzes, owned by the artist's heirs and entrusted to his beloved hometown, which in 1994 celebrated Biancini with a valuable exhibition.

The works that decorate and embellish Castel Bolognese represent an imaginary journey through the story of Biancini's art, following his artistic evolution from the ‘30s until his death.

The great virtue of this outdoor museum, which helps raise awareness and enhance Biancini’s talent, is the perfect integration between art and landscape. Indeed, his masterpieces have now become an integral part of Castel Bolognese.

Among other peculiarities of the village, guarded and valued with great care by the community, there is the ancient Molino Scodellino, which has been repaired thanks to the work of volunteers and now hosts events and cultural moments.

Significant appointments

Every year on the 25th of April, the 50 km of Romagna, a classic Italian ultramarathon takes place, organized by the Podistica AVIS of Castel Bolognese, affiliated with UISP. This marathon boasts among its winners runners who have made the history of this special sport.

In May/June instead the Feast of Pentecost is held, a beautiful town square festival which owes its origins (1631 AD) to a vow made by the population in favour of  “Madonna della Concezione” for her protection from the scourge of plague.

A reality carried forward every year by the Pro Loco Association with a programme of events for folkloric, cultural, historical, recreational and musical entertainment, without ever forgetting its religious origins.

Information offices

IAT Faenza
Voltone delle Molinella, 2 - Faenza (RA)
+ 39 0546 25231 + 39 0546 25231 Opening: all year round
IAT Riolo Terme
Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 40 - Riolo Terme (RA)
+ 39 0546 71044 Opening: all year round

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