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An Apennine town, Castel d'Aiano is the highest municipality in the metropolitan area of Bologna. Its characteristic position, at 800 meters high, allows you to admire the side of the Reno valley and the Panaro valley, with a striking view of the Cimone mountain chain.

Why visit it

The territory is dotted with small villages, full of churches, fascinating historical buildings and ancient mills that can be admired by combining car routes and walks in the greenery, along the waterways.

When to go and what to see

Castel d’Aiano is situated in the hills not far from Bologna.

The area is popular as a summer resort due to its fortunate position on a gentle slope surrounded by nature.

Don't miss

The Grotte di Labante are among the largest in the travertine of Italy. Surrounded by a beautiful natural setting, they are embellished by suggestive waterfalls. 

Nearby is the village of Labante with two churches from the seventeenth century.

The ancient Abbey of Santa Lucia of Roffeno, which is a short distance from Rocca di Roffeno, was created with the aim of giving hospitality and assistance to the many walkers who traveled the nearby connecting road between Emilia and Tuscany.


On the table

The territory is fertile for the prized white truffle of the type Tuber Magnatum Pico, which is accompanied to tasty traditional cuisine.

In the surroundings

Rocca di Roffeno is characterized by the typical villages and the scattered farmhouses set in the green of the woods. It preserves ancient testimonies and the charming parish church of San Martino di Tours. In a short distance you can visit some rural areas of particular architectural beauty, largely dating back to the 1300s.

Sassomolare, a small and characteristic village, perched on three hills, offers the visitor a wonderful panorama.

Information offices

Pro Loco Castel d'Aiano
Via Lenzi, 14 - Castel d'Aiano (BO)
+ 39 329 9614533 Opening: all year round

Last update 23/05/2021

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