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An excursion dedicated to the most striking sanctuaries of the Bolognese Apennines.

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The Bolognese Apennines are dotted with churches and shrines that have remained to testify to the great spirituality of this land. Once upon a time, life was marked practically in its entirety by religion, which thus had a high importance for all mountain communities. 

Sanctuaries and churches rose by grace received, on the site of an apparition or on routes frequented by pilgrims traveling along the peninsula to reach Rome. Today, numerous shrines are still visible and can be visited, surrounded by the tranquility of the forests, perfect destinations for a trip to discover one's own spirituality and that of the mountains. 

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  • Length
    24 hours
  • Interests
    Art & Culture
  • Target
  • First stop - Shrine of Madonna di Brasa Castel d'Aiano

    This shrine dates back to 1960, although the original building was from the early 1700s, and was built on the top of a hill just above the village of Castel d'Aiano

    The church is reached via a dirt road, and the building can be accessed by crossing a charming tree-lined avenue. The image venerated here is called the "Madonna del Fuoco".

  • Second stop - Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Acero Lizzano in Belvedere

    On the road leading to Corno alle Scale  it is absolutely necessary to make a stop at the shrine of Madonna dell'Acero, surrounded by tall beech forests. 

    From here there is a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains and you can admire the maple tree on which the Madonna is said to have appeared, an event that is still celebrated on August 5. Inside the shrine one can admire "the Brunori", wooden statues representing the family of Brunetto Brunori, who carved them as an ex-voto after surviving the Battle of Gavinana in 1530.

  • Third stop - Sanctuary of Madonna del Faggio Alto Reno Terme

    The church of Madonna del Faggio is completely surrounded by woods, not far from Castelluccio, in the municipality of Alto Reno Terme

    It can also be reached on foot from the village of Monteacuto delle Alpi or the village of Tresana, famous for its hydrangea blooms. The shrine was built on a site where a terracotta image of the Madonna was venerated, which is still carried in procession every year on Ascension Day. The Virgin is also said to have appeared here, an event remembered with an annual feast held on July 26.

  • Fourth stop - Sanctuary of Madonna di Calvigi Alto Reno Terme

    The shrine dedicated to the Madonna di Calvigi is located at a short distance from Granaglione, in the municipality of Alto Reno Terme

    The place on which it stands had been a pilgrimage destination since the mid-1500s, following the grace that the Virgin gave to a parish priest: he thus decided to have an effigy of the Madonna painted on a rock, and later a small oratory also arose. 

    The building that we can admire today is rather large, the result of renovations that came one after the other starting in 1635, when the pre-existing oratory was demolished.

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Information offices

Pro Loco Castel d'Aiano
Via Lenzi, 14 - Castel d'Aiano (BO)
+ 39 329 9614533 Opening: all year round
Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche di Lizzano in Belvedere
Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 6 - Lizzano in Belvedere (BO)
+ 39 0534 51052 Opening: all year round
I.A.T. di Alto Reno Terme
Piazza della Libertà, 11 - Porretta Terme (BO)
+ 39 0534 521103

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