Corno alle Scale Regional Park

Just 1 hour drive from Bologna and Florence, in direct contact with nature and its elements, it offers unforgettable moments of wellness, relaxation, fun and folklore in every season

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Bordering the High Modenese Apennines Park, this area offers stunning mountain views. Isolated verdant valleys give way to small villages nestled in thick vegetation, sanctuaries and waterfalls punctuate the area, while deciduous forests, especially beechwoods, can be seen everywhere, which surround the solitary course of crystal-clear mountain streams (and speaking of water, the Dardagna Falls or those in the wild Tanamalia Ravine are not to be missed).

A park on the Apennine ridge that extends for 5,000 hectares, which, dotted by glacial cirques and upland meadows, is home to the imposing mountain ridge known as the Corno alle Scale (1,944 m), the highest peak in the whole Bolognese Apennines, which continues northwards with Mount La Nuda (1,828 m) and eastwards with Mount Gennaio (1,812 m).

The environment and scenery

While the main geographical characteristics show typical Apennine environments, by contrast, the high altitudes reached on the Corno alle Scale and on the other nearby peaks reveal a habitat with Alpine features. Therefore, there are a series of high-altitude meadows, cultivated areas, solitary pastureland and watersheds, as well as natural woods, fruit chestnut groves, and beech, fir and pine woods, which provide spectacular, multi-coloured scenery in all seasons.

Inside the park, you might encounter timid roe deer, fallow deer or mouflon, but also numerous species of birds, including the majestic golden eagle. The extensive woodland areas are also a refuge for one of the rarest and most fascinating animals, which for some years now has returned to populate these areas: the wolf, today more than ever a clear sign of the re-establishment of environmental balance.

What can you do there?

Within the park, there are numerous sports activities that you can do, which make the Corno alle Scale district a very unique holiday destination. Only 1 hour from Bologna, the area is home to one of the most important ski resorts in the entire region: 36 km of slopes of various types, trails specifically designed for cross-country skiing and an area equipped for snowboarding enthusiasts.

There are numerous trails that have been marked and travelled by the CAI [the Italian Alpine Club], as well as the Alta Via dei Parchi, the ridgeway through the park that allows visitors to take long walks on foot, or travel through the area on horseback or by mountain bike.

The down-to-earth character and the spirit of warm welcome that you will find in the local communities is, however, the most appealing thing that the park offers: a sense of old-world charm that you can experience by staying in one of the many hotels or accommodation options in the area.


Last update 12/05/2021

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