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Compiano is located in the Parma Apennines in the Alta Valtaro. From here, along kilometers of curves that offer views of the splendid Parma hills, you can reach the Passo of Cento Croci and Passo del Bocco that mark the border between Emilia and Liguria.

Why visit it

A small village completely surrounded by walls, closely linked to its castle, part of the Landi lands and headquarters of the mint. It is included in the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Don't miss

Just higher than the village, with powerful shapes set off by the elegance of the paths and statues of the park, the majestic Castle was founded on the road that connected Emilia, Tuscany and Liguria. It is linked to the history of many noble families, above all the Landi family, which established the Landi State in these valleys, a reign over 400 years long. Sculptures, tapestries, paintings, fireplaces, seventeenth-century floors, original fifteenth-century ceilings: a journey through the treasures of a world that no longer exists. 

The castle also houses a unique museum of its kind in Italy: the International Masonic Museum.

In the surroundings

Not far from Compiano you can visit the pretty villages of Bedonia, Borgo Val di Taro famous for the Fiera del Fungo Porcino (Porcino Mushroom Fair) and at about 40 km Bardi, dominated by its beautiful Fortress.

Last update 19/03/2023

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