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The town of Febbio is the last inhabited centre in the Val d’Asta, 1053 meters above sea level, in the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

When to go and what to see

Lying at the foot of Mount Cusna, it is an ideal summer and winter resort.

About 3 Km from Febbio in Rescadore are the ski slopes of L’Alpe di Cusna (1200-2063 m slm) which are suitable both for beginners and experts. The great ridge of Mount Cusna and the varied landscape make this resort ideal for ski mountaineering, cross-country skiing and off-piste skiing.

In Snowboard Valley there are two new slopes for a total of 4 km of natural areas for free styling.

For experts, there is also a new 2,050 meter slope with poles and gates for slaloming and a super G available for guests.

Febbio is a relatively high altitude location for being in the Apennines: there is snow until late spring and many people come here to go alpine skiing. This area offers various hiking options for every level with lodges along the way (up to 2063 meters).

The chair lifts and ski lifts take people to 19 km of slopes. And there is the Snow and Nature Center in Pianvallese that organizes outings in the snow with activities such as Nordic walking, snowshoeing, hiking and cross-country skiing.

Keep Fit

In the summer, Febbio is the ideal starting point for joining the dense network of trails in the Parco Nazionale Tosco-Emiliano that end up at the Italian Alpine Club refuge “Cesare Battisti” at Lama Lite (1760m).

Last update 16/01/2020

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