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Fontanelice is a small town, located in the green nature along the Santerno Valley.

Why visit it

The enjoyable riverside area offers the chance for outdoor bbqs and a breathtaking geosite of the Horse Cliff - Riva dei Cavalli.

When to go and what to see

To escape the summer heat, Fontanelice offers the refreshment of this bathing area of the Santerno River.

Do not miss

The famous architect Giuseppe Mengoni, who worked on the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery in Milan, was born in Fontanelice; here the Mengoni Archives still preserve the original documents about his works.

Keep Fit

The territory of Mordano/Imola/Casalfiumanese/Borgo Tossignano/Fontanelice/Castel del Rio is crossed by Santerno Valley Cycling Path: a scenic bike ride for any kind of cycling tourist who wishes to be surrounded by nature. Santerno Valley Cycling Path is a mixed trail of gravel and paved roads, connecting the plain of Imola area to the Appennines, from Mordano to Castel del Rio.

Main events

The traditional event is on Easter Monday when Fontanelice organizes Piè Fritta Fest, with the local delicacy of fried dough.
Also Calici di Stelle on Saint Laurence's Night is a must: good wine, good music and shooting stars.


The nature of the Gypsum Vein Regional Park with the visitors center La Casa del Fiume, and Castel del Rio with the War and Gothic Line Museum.

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