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Gambettola (Gambetla or E' Bosch in Romagna) is a small town located along the Via Emilia.

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Despite the heavy consequences of the Second World War in Gambettola it is now possible to admire the Parish Church of Sant'Egidio Abate of seventeenth-century origins.

Along the Via Emilia there is also the historic Osteria di Budrio, an ancient 17th century crossroads for travelers and merchants.

On the table

The pleasures of Gambettola’s table are shared as in all of Romagna.  
The rule is to have a glass of good Sangiovese to enjoy the joys of freshly rolled pasta, including cappelletti, tortelli and tagliatelle seasoned with seasonal sauces. Without forgetting the excellence... the real "piadina romagnola" !

Significant appointments

Mostrascambio is held in two periods of the year (in the second weekend of May and in the first weekend of September) and is an antiques and engines market that attracts a public from all over Italy. This event was created to remember the profession of some Gambettolesi who, after the Second World War, went to collect rags and old things to throw away (the rag seller); subsequently the first iron and scrap deposits were born and then the various car demolition warehouses. After a few years, it was decided to associate the event with antiques.

Gambettola is also home to the famous 1000miglia, an Italian vintage car show that starts every year in May from Brescia and, after a road route of about 1,000 miles in central-northern Italy, then returns to Brescia.

Every year in November the Ancient Fair of Hemp takes place with photographic exhibitions, an exhibition of antique clothing (the famous canvas printed with rust) and all the products of hemp and local crafts, people in costume, street market of fabrics and objects and of the peasant culture.

In the surroundings

The strategic position of Gambettola allows in a few steps to reach nearby towns full of attractions for all tastes: a few steps away we find in fact Longiano and its majestic fortress, a castle dating back to 1200 that stands out over the valley with a sublime view. At the same time Cesenatico and its canal port prove to be of great appeal especially in summer when an evening walk becomes the perfect way to experience the joys of the Riviera. Finally, for lovers of the villages, certainly not to be forgotten is Santarcangelo di Romagna, where every glass of good Sangiovese alternates with a bite of piadina romagnola.

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