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For its characteristic of being the last village of the plain and the first of the mountains, Marano sul Panaro has been defined "the gate of the Apennines". This privileged position has allowed the town to reach the levels of economic and social development typical of the plain and to preserve at the same time the natural beauties and the typical rural economy of the hilly areas not far from Modena.

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The knowledge, protection and enjoyment of the natural environment have long been a priority of this place, which over the years has created a tourist offering of undoubted interest with the Civic Museum of Ecology and Natural History, the Museum of Energies, the Wildlife Park of Festà, and Cince Park in Casona.

Thousands of visitors every year enjoy the Marano River Park, crossed by the Nature Route that from Modena reaches Casona.

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Great excellences of the territory are the typical products including Parmigiano Reggiano, the traditional Balsamic Vinegar, the tortellini of Marano, the crescentine, the gnocco, and the borlenghi, which you can buy in numerous stores or taste in the restaurants of the town.

Significant appointments

Among the most important events are:

the National and European Children’s Theatre Festival;
the Anzichèdanza dance festival;
Action Nature, cycle of meetings with the protagonists of mountaineering, adventure and exploration;
the Carnival of Maranese;
the Festival of Agriculture;
the Christmas market.

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