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Caressed by the water of the Pialassa della Baiona and surrounded by a century-old pine forest, Marina Romea is one of the most elegant and recent seaside resorts on the northern coastline of Ravenna.

The town was founded in the 1950s, when the entire area was a big woodland enclosed by the sea, the valleys and the wetlands of the river Lamone.

Why visit it

Marina Romea is one of the most beautiful beach towns of Ravenna, founded in the middle of the 20th century. This town is a green oasis with a small port and a riding school, sports facilities and paths running through the pinewoods leading to a golden beach.

The enchanting villas surrounded by nature and the pleasantly secluded hotels create a splendid setting of peace and tranquillity. Just behind the village, the Po Delta Park charms its visitors with the breathtaking landscapes of Pialassa della Baiona.

Designed as the perfect residential tourist location, mainly featuring second houses, Marina Romea has managed to preserve this aspect over the years. Today, it is an oasis immersed in greenery, with a marina, a riding school, sports facilities and paths that take you directly to the golden sandy beach.

The comfortable villas and hotels, surrounded by the lush pine forest, build an amazing landscape of peace and tranquillity.

The natural area of the Po Delta Park with the charming landscapes of the Pialassa della Baiona is an enchanting backdrop you should admire at sunset, when the vivid colours of the sun paint the sky and reflect off the water, standing out against the profile of the historical Pine forest of San Vitale.

During the summer, the place is crowded with families, and young people choose Marina Romea for its pubs and the several parties planned in the beach establishments.

If you decide to travel with your own pet, you will find here, or in the nearby towns like Casalborsetti, various solutions for your stay.

Don't miss

Among the countless possible activities, a special mention goes to the long walks along the banks of Pialassa della Baiona. Between typical fishing huts and flocks of birds of various species, you will see one of the most charming sceneries of Ravenna.

Another stunning view is at the mouth of the Lamone river, an interesting area for the local surfers. Here, on clear days, you can see a long stretch of the Ravenna coastline, up until Punta Marina Terme. It’s so charming to wait for the sun to hide behind the profile of the pine forest.

Keeping fit

Surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, canoeing, playing beach tennis or beach volleyball, horse riding (even at the beach!), doing nordic walking, fishing or just simply taking a walk or a bike ride in the green pine forest: in Marina Romea holidays also mean activities and sports all year round.

If you love exploring the territory, look for the cycle and pedestrian path running along the Lamone river and explore at a slow pace this place made of history, culture and nature. This 35-km itinerary connects the suggestive historical and cultural towns of Russi and Bagnacavallo with the sceneries of the Adriatic sea.

In the surroundings

Located between Ravenna and Comacchio, Marina Romea, like all the northern beach towns, is a great departure point to discover the nature of the Po Delta Park and all the little towns that crowd the area between Lugo and the Marshes of Comacchio.

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IAT Marina Romea
Viale Ferrara, 7 - Ravenna (RA)
+ 39 0544 448323 Opening: seasonal

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