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A town that has always blended together land and water, Molinella is located at the extreme northern border of the metropolitan area of Bologna, at the gates of the Po Delta Park. The name derives from the many water mills ("molini") that in the past used to be scattered along the ancient course of the Idice stream.

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Molinella has a lovely tower in its historical centre, the Torre di Santo Stefano, which is all that remains of the ancient castle built by Bologna citizens to defend the border with Ferrara. The tower is open during  events or exhibitions.

Over the last few years, Molinella and its hamlets chose street art to modernise many public and private buildings, starting from the railway station: an urban gallery to explore while walking around.

The charming village of Selva Malvezzi preserved its original appearance of a genuine 15th-century feudal complex belonging to the powerful noble Malvezzi family.

On the table

Molinella boasts a rich gastronomic tradition, resulting from its geographical position and the traditional cultivation of rice. The delicious Tagliatelline cake was born in Molinella in the 18th century, and also the most classic of Bolognese desserts is made from rice: the rice cake.

Molinella created the municipal certification De.C.o. (Municipal Designation of Origin") to certify some local products. Among these excellences worth mentioning are the "apassita" Sausage made from the typical “Mora Romagnola” por, the Molinella loquat, the aforementioned tagliatelline cake and the Christmas dessert Panone di Molinella.

Having fun

For skydiving lovers, Molinella has got the largest parachuting centre in Italy. It also offers courses and renting of lightweight aircrafts and gliders.

In the surroundings

The wetlands of the Vallazza and Valle di Marmorta, which still survive today as a memory of the once-great “Padusa” (the wild lands of the Po Valley), offer animal lovers and birdwatchers a genuine paradise, populated by thousands of aquatic birds.

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