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Montefiorino (Muntfiurè in Frignanese dialect, Munfiuriin in Modenese dialect) is a small Modenese municipality located south-west of the capital.

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The town develops around its fortress, in which the Museum of the Partisan Republic and the Museum of Objects of the Past are housed. Of particular naturalistic interest are the ophiolites, ancient volcanic rocks that can be visited in these lands.

Keeping fit

There are historical trails, nature trails for trekking, hiking, mountain biking and horse riding.  Its landscape is open to vast panoramic Apennines, including the imposing ones of Cimone and Cusna. The Cimone Ski Area offers 50 kilometers of ski slopes with a single electronic skipass, and 23 lifts.

Significant appointments

Every year it hosts the Modena Truffle Market Exhibition, an event that explores "the universe of the Truffle" from all angles.

In the surroundings

Several historical and cultural itineraries are available to the visitor: the Romanesque Parish Church of Rubbiano and Vitriola, the towers, the villages, and the villas that pop up a bit everywhere around the countryside here.

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Modena Tourist Information Office
Piazza Grande, 14 - Modena (MO)
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