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Town in the Bolognese Apennines overlooking the valleys of the Setta and Savena river.

Why visit it

The territory, for its altitude, landscape scenery and a network of trails, is particularly suitable for long and pleasant walks in which you can admire the typical views of the Apennines, particularly in the hamlets that dominate the town of Rioveggio and in the area of Monte Venere.

When to go and what to see

Monzuno is a historical destination of local tourism, and not only local, owing to the relaxing setting of middle Northern Apennines, with oak and chestnut trees and wonderful mountain and hill glimpses, along with the opportunity of tasting the delicacies of the Bolognese culinary tradition.

The territory is crossed by the "Via degli Dei" ("Way of the Gods"), a hiker path that crosses the Apennines from Bologna to Florence, reaching also the area of the Contrafforte Pliocenico, around Monte Adone, a unique geological feature. A network of pedestrian tracks runs across the other Apennines areas.

On the gastronomic level, the area is renowned for high-quality mushrooms and truffles, and for typical dishes of the mountain tradition.

In the neighbourhood, Vado di Setta is the entry to the Monte Sole historic park. In Rioveggio there are 3 ancient castles to visit: the Elle castle, the Polverara and Montorio Tower.

Don't miss

The visit to Rioveggio where it is possible to admire the Castle of Elle and another two manors, both partially modernized, the one of Polverara and the Tower of Montorio, and, nearby, the house-tower of the XV century of Ca` Marsili.

In the surroundings

In this area there are some historical and architectural traces of great interest such as the sixteenth-century nuclei of the Agadello di Sotto (near the municipality) and the Le Croci (between Monzuno and Monte Venere).

Also worth mentioning is the locality of Vado di Setta, one of the gates of the historical-naturalistic Park of Monte Sole.

Last update 16/10/2020

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