Ozzano dell’Emilia

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A few kilometres from Bologna stands Ozzano dell'Emilia, located between the Via Emilia and the hills of the Park of Bolognese Gypsums and the Abbadessa Gullies.

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In ancient times, this was the site of the Roman town of Claterna: many relics and archeological finds of notable interest which have been brought to light here are now held in the Museum of Claterna, inside the Palazzo della Cultura.

In Ozzano dell'Emilia, there is the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Bologna, which houses prolific and important museum collections.

Keeping fit

Numerous paths wind through the Park of Bolognese Gypsums and the Abbadessa Gullies and offer suggestive views of gullies, sinkholes and the plain below. For mountain bike lovers, the Park can be explored along the cycling route Ciclovia dei Gessi di Gaibola.

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The Sagra della Badessa (mid-May) is a great medieval historical re-enactment that every year involves numerous figures parading in procession to commemorate the legend of the Settefonti: the love between Lucia, abbess of the Camaldolese monastery of Stifonti (Settefonti), and the knight Rolando.

In the surroundings

The small church of Sant'Andrea contains the remains of the Blessed Lucia of Settefonti. This is the name of the main character of a popular local legend, commemorated in the local toponymy, and also in the name of the Park. In Ciagnano, the view of the “calanchi” (gullies) of the Passo della Badessa is truly spectacular.

On the hills above the hamlet of Maggio stands the small village of San Pietro, with the ancient tower that was part of the castle built in medieval times to defend the Via Emilia, the oratory, the fountains of Weapons, dating back to the 15th-century, and Villa Gandino.

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