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Around the year 1000 Palagano was one of the most populous villages of the Terre della Badia di Frassinoro, in the center of the Valle del Dragone, in a territory still well cultivated and productive on an agricultural level.

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Located 900 meters above sea level, within the Valle del Dragone, in Palagano there is the Resistance Park of Monte Santa Giulia, 28 hectares large and which has as its highest point the ancient Pieve dei Monti. It is a Romanesque building dating from the period from the tenth to the eleventh century, but there are very few fragments of it left, including two bases of columns and three capitals.

Keeping fit

In the resort town, tourists can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and fishing. There is also a permanent off-road trail. On these routes you often encounter ophiolites - very ancient rocks of volcanic origin.

Significant appointments

The permanent international off-road track Dragone brings national events every year such as the CIVF, Italian Speed Off-road Championship or the "Master by F.i.F."

In the hamlet of Savoniero on the first Friday of August the Savoniero Country festival takes place, a musical bridge between Italy and Texas and an opportunity to listen to the latest trends of this genre live.

Another important association is the Contrada Aravecchia Committee that has organized for 21 years the traditional Feast of Matthias which takes place from 12 to 15 August each year.

In the surroundings

In the neighbouring town of Montefiorino there are several testimonies to partisan resistance in Italy as this town was the homeland of the first partisan republic during the Second World War.

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