Prignano sulla Secchia

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The town of Prignano overlooks the beautiful valley of the river Secchia, surrounded by chestnut trees and cedar woods that give it an aspect of peace and quiet just a few kilometers from the nearby Bologna and Modena.

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The parish church dedicated to San Lorenzo, slightly downstream from the center of the village, is a replica of the medieval church, in which important paintings of the twentieth century are kept.

Of particular interest is the nucleus of Cà di Jantella, consisting of rural buildings arranged on two open courtyards, a sixteenth-century loggia with monolithic columns and capitals carved in sandstone with foliage ornaments and a votive aedicule with an archivolt round. 

Also in the village, the nearby Casa Berti, a seventeenth-century manor tower house, which was later associated with a massive corner tower and also Casa Pellesi, an interesting sixteenth-century tower complex with a dovecote cord.

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Its territory, rich in woods, preserves many natural emergences and hosts a remarkable wealth of fauna and offers many trails for walking, hiking, mountain biking and horse riding, perfect for every sporting need.

On an area of almost 15 thousand square meters on the cliff overlooking the valley of the river Secchia, we find a flat area which was the former home to a prehistoric village. Excavations at the beginning of the twentieth century have brought to light traces of a Neolithic settlement with traces of huts, hearths, tombs, stone and bone artifacts, terracotta objects and ceramic pottery that make the archaeological area of Pescale one of the most important archaeological sites of Modena.

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