San Lazzaro di Savena

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Villanovian Civilization had its origin in this area and the whole Italian history flew along the main street, via Emilia (built-in 187 b.C.).

The Prehistoric Museum illustrates the most ancient history of the eastern Bolognese territory. At the beginning of August, there is a famous festival, the Fiera di San Lazzaro, mentioned in a traditional Bolognese song, made famous in a version by Francesco Guccini.

The hills of San Lazzaro, of karst formation, have an exceptional environmental value, so much so that in the heart of these hills, there is the Regional Park of Bolognese Gypsums and the Abbadessa Gullies. The Park is full of caves, the most famous of which are the “Farneto”, the “Spipola” and the “Croara”. In the same area, it is worth visiting the Abbey of Santa Cecilia della Croara, which contains a beautiful altarpiece attributed to Annibale Carracci.

Lovers of cycling tourism and mountain-biking can enjoy beautiful routes along the Chalk Veins of San Lazzaro di Savena.

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Information offices

Information Office San Lazzaro Savena
Piazza Luciano Bracci San Lazzaro di Savena (San Lazzaro di Savena)
051 622 8174

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