Walking through the Bolognese Apennines with children

Lots of ideas for discovering the Bolognese Apennines with the family

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Traveling with the family necessarily involves finding activities suitable for children: our tips will help you discover the Bolognese Apennines in the most fun way. 

You can discover all the secrets of forest animals and mysterious "botroids," eventually reaching a park that is home to huge dinosaurs! And for the more adventurous, you cannot miss a stop at the adventure parks, where you can safely practice tree climbing.

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  • First stop - Saltapicchio Adventure Park Camugnano

    Saltapicchio Adventure Park is located on the shores of Lake Suviana, in the municipality of Camugnano. It is an adventure park suitable for young and old, where your whole family will have fun! 

    The 10 trails are all in the woods surrounding the lake, in a location that offers calm and tranquility, as well as cool respite in the summer months. The "Saltapicchio" is a must for all adventure and adrenaline lovers.

  • Second stop - Poranceto Forest Museum Camugnano

    The Poranceto Forest Museum is located halfway between Lake Suviana and Lake Brasimone, nestled in a centuries-old chestnut forest. The magical atmosphere of the forest is also found inside the museum, set up in an old building. 

    The exhibition route is dedicated to the relationship of humans and animals with the forest, and in this regard there are numerous "artifacts" such as deer antlers and feathers of nocturnal and diurnal birds. All the paths and dioramas present are perfect for stimulating contact with nature in young visitors.

  • Third stop - Triton's Park Monghidoro

    Triton's Park is an adrenaline-filled adventure park built just a stone's throw from the Alpe di Monghidoro, at nearly 1,000 meters above sea level. The 7 trails available are dedicated to adults and young people who are willing to test themselves in such a magical setting as the woods of Mount Oggioli.

    The park area also provides a picnic area and some barbecues, as well as a pond where various species of newts, small amphibians typical of mountain wetlands, live and can be observed.

  • Fourth stop - Botroidi Museum Pianoro

    In the small village of Tazzola (a few kilometers from Pianoro) stands the curious Botroidi Museum. "Botroids" are peculiar agglomerates of solidified sands characterized by clustered shapes, very diverse in shape and size.

    Luigi Fantini's collection of artifacts is preserved at the museum, and it is possible to both admire and touch them! In fact, the museum in Tazzola offers guided "geotactile" tours and numerous workshops dedicated to young children, who will be able to identify shapes in the botroids that can be traced back to animals or something else, and then color them with natural pigments. 

    The Botroidi Museum certainly represents a unicum in the Zena Valley, and in general in the Bolognese Apennines.

  • Fifth stop - Dinosaurs in the flesh and Donini Museum San Lazzaro di Savena

    In San Lazzaro di Savena there is a park that takes visitors directly into prehistory. The trail allows children to wander among life-size models of dinosaurs, from the smallest to the majestic T-Rex! Among the 37 visible models are also reconstructions of some of the most famous dinosaurs found in Italy, such as Cyrus (a herbivore) and Titus (a carnivore). 

    A short walk from the "Dinosaurs in the flesh" park is the Luigi Donini Museum of Prehistory, which offers guided tours and workshops dedicated to young children, who can try their hand at activities typical of early humans.

Last update 27/03/2024

Information offices

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