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Camugnano is located in the Bolognese Apennines, in the valley of the Limentra di Treppio stream, in the stretch between Suviana Lake and its confluence with the River Reno; its territory also includes the great artificial lake of Brasimone.

Why visit it

It’s a great solution to combine walks in nature with the discovery of ancient villages and a holiday on the lakes. In particular in Suviana you can do aquatic sports activities such as wind-surfing, or rent canoes, paddle boats and deckchairs.

Don't miss

The village of Bargi, with a visit to the Torretta, an ancient 17th-century sighting structure and home to the Museo della Terra e del Sole (Sun and Earth Museum).

Palazzo Comelli, a construction built on medieval remains, overlooking an ancient village, and an example of the local mountain architecture of the mountain.

The Molino Caiti, built in the 17th century and originally made up of four wheels moved by horizontal blades made in the shape of a spoon; it is still a valuable testament to the Apennine's engineering wisdom.

In the surroundings

Stagno, a small ancient village, perched around the sixteenth-century church,  was home to an imposing castle. The roofs of houses covered with sandstone slabs, portals and windows, little porches and inscriptions on the stones, give the visitor the feeling of taking a trip into the past.

Last update 22/08/2020

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