Saltapicchio Adventure Park

In the Suviana and Brasimone Lakes Park, an adventure park made for both adults & children

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The Saltapicchio Adventure Park is located in the greenery and tranquillity of the Suviana and Brasimone Lakes Regional Park, in the heart of the Bolognese Apennines.

From spring to autumn, it is possible to take part in various activities that offer the best in terms of fun, sport and the great outdoors.

Aerial adventure courses through the trees, hiking, mountain biking, zip lines, educational activities and guided tours at night are just some of the things on offer, all of which are organised and managed by highly qualified personnel.

The park boasts 10 canopy tour routes, which are a series of elevated pathways made up of bridges, rope swings, nets and zip lines, which take you from one tree to the other in total safety. In addition to 2 PRACTICE routes, there are also 3 BABY routes for children between 100 - 140 cm tall, and 5 ADULT routes for adults and children over 140 cm, divided by level of difficulty. 

Moreover, the park’s favourable position on the shores of Lake Suviana also you do water sports or simply relax in the gentle sunshine. You can rent boats, canoes or windsurfers, attend sailing courses or opt for something more adventurous and try rafting or hydrospeeding at white-knuckle speed down the Limentra stream.

The Saltapicchio Adventure Park is an excellent starting point for walking, hiking (over 30 km of hiking trails) and mountain biking

Schools can conduct environmental education lessons upon reservation and, thanks to the work of expert environmental guides, it is possible to visit the nearby Forest Museum at Poranceto.


Last update 21/05/2021

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