Sant'Agata Bolognese

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Sant’Agata Bolognese is located at the western end of the Bologna's plain, on the border with the province of Modena.

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Sant’Agata Bolognese is a lovely village of the Pianura Bolognese, known worldwide for the automobile producer located there: Lamborghini and its annexed Museum Lamborghini of Technologies (MUDETEC), which is listed in the Motor Valley circuit. The visit to the Museum is a journey into the myth of the "Bull": the first visionary creations of the genius of Ferruccio Lamborghini are on display, for example the Miura and the Countach, but also the most recent super sports cars. Everything is made more interactive thanks to the possibility of experiencing the driving simulator.

The Parish Church, besides housing a portrait of Sant’Agata attributed to Guido Reni, contains the detached frescoes of the Oratory of the Holy Ghost, masterpieces of 16th-century art. In 1905, the Oratory was declared a national monument, as well as the village tower. 

The Bibiena Theatre is also very interesting, one of the territory’s small jewels. Named after the Bibiena family, who probably had a residence here, the main feature of this theatre is how small and intimate it is (only one hundred seats in elegant stalls) and moreover, its recent restoration emphasises the charm of the old 18th-century theatre.

On the table

The Ciambella di Sant'Agata, made famous by its mention in the "Recipes of Petronilla" (1957), is a typical homemade dessert, that here is simply called ''la brazadèla Tèndra'' -the tender donut- to distinguish it from the ''brazadèla dura” -the hard donut- which is prepared with the same ingredients, but with different proportions and processing.

In the surroundings

In the countryside of Sant'Agata, which still retain traces of the Roman centuriation and is partly managed by an Agricultural Participation with an almost millennial history, there are some natural areas of interest: the Bosco di Santa Lucia (Saint Lucy’s Wood), with its 30 hectares where numerous tree and shrubs species find their home and the Lamborghini Park, where 10,000 oak trees have been planted.

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