Sant'Agata Bolognese

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Sant’Agata Bolognese is a lovely village of the Pianura Bolognese, known the world over for the automobile producer located there: Lamborghini and its annexed Museum, listed in the Land of Motors circuit.

The Parish Church, besides housing a portrait of Sant’Agata attributed to Guido Reni, contains the detached frescoes of the Oratory of the Holy Ghost, masterpieces of 16th-century art. In 1905, the Oratory was declared a national monument, as was the village tower. It can be visited with prior booking.

The Bibiena Theatre is also very interesting, one of the territory’s small jewels. Named after the Bibiena family, who probably had a residence here, the main feature of this theatre is how small and intimate it is (only one hundred seats in elegant stalls) and moreover, its recent restoration emphasizes the charm of the old 18th century theatre. Visits can be arranged upon request.

Last update 24/01/2020

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