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Sassofeltrio stands atop a rocky chalk spur not far from the central part of the Conca Valley. 

Protected by a defensive wall, it offers wonderful panoramic views over a vast, sun-filled valley. 

Why visit it

The old town centre features a characteristic group of houses, divided longitudinally by a single main road. It is still surrounded by imposing fortified walls that bear witness to its mediaeval origins. 

The village of Sant’Anastasio, which also boasts a small church, is famous for its sulphuric and alkaline water spring

When to go and what to see

Sassofeltrio means lots of nature and wellbeing. These are great places for watching the nature that surrounds it, with a valley rich in lush vegetation.

The public park affords magnificent all-round views, spanning from the sea to the Apennines, with a particular mention for nearby San Marino, whose unmistakeable profile stands majestically.

The area boasts numerous dirt bike tracks and nature trails for excursions on foot, horseback or bicycle. 

Significant appointments

On the 4th Sunday of September, a delightful village fete is held in Fratte called the "Sagra dei Fagioli con le Cotiche" (Bean and Pork Rind Festival).  

This is a delicious, rustic dish prepared using Borlotti beans and pork rind, cooked slowly in plenty of tomato sauce seasoned with a variety of spices and served on slices of piping hot toasted bread.

In the surroundings

Just under 10 km away, it is well worth reaching Gemmano for a day out at Onferno Nature Reserve. Venture on an underground journey into the chalk caves of Onferno, the visitors’ centre, the natural history museum, the multimedia museum and the botanical garden.

About a 30-minute car drive away is the Marecchia Valley. Head to San Leo and visit its famous fortress, which for centuries was the final bulwark to defend the local population. Don’t forget to also visit the Cathedral of St Leone and the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta.

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