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Gemmano is in the middle Conca Valley, on the top of a hill surrounded by the countryside. From one side, the town overlooks the entire plain down to the sea, while the other side offers views of the hills and mountains within the old Duchy of Urbino. 
The surrounding countryside is largely unspoiled and rather unusual with its luxurious wild vegetation mixed in with the cultivated fields, offering a different view around each corner.

Why visit it

Hills covered with wild vegetation and neat farmland; every bend in the road gives a new and different view; every variation of season, time of day, light and darkness.
It is a treasury for nature-lovers where the traces of man are few and the countryside is still the protagonist.

And then there are the Onferno Caves and the surrounding Nature Reserve, the only one of its kind in the Rimini area, interesting to learn about, fun and easy to visit. Gemmano is the ideal place for nature-lovers, where country excursions and holidays have a special charm.

Don't miss

The Onferno Caves and the Oriented nature reserve which surrounds them are a unique heritage of the Province of Rimini, important on a national level. They are interesting to explore and both easy and fun to visit.

Significant appointments

Caves day - Oriented Nature Reserve of Onferno
Spring festival with entrance to the caves, nature and scientific walks, theatre, workshops for children, folklore and distribution of local food and wine products.

"All Grass"
In the month of June this food and wine meeting is scheduled on the "Balcony of the Adriatic", which pays particular attention to the research of natural products.

In the surroundings

Excursions in the Ventena valley
This little valley between Gemmano and Montefiore is miraculously wild and unspoilt for an area so close to the busy tourist resorts of the coast.
The Ventena stream runs through a broad stretch of wild plants and trees, including the rare alder and many wild orchids; attractive hills and ravines surround it.
The valley is one of the oldest and most surprising tracts of landscape in the province. There is an excellent network of well-signposted paths, ideal for walking to the surrounding villages.
The area is also popular with mountain bikers.

Information offices

UIT Gemmano
Provinciale Oferno, 107 - Gemmano (RN)
+ 39 0541 984694 Opening: seasonal

Last update 12/05/2023

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