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Proceeding south from Forlì and a short distance from Cesena lies Sogliano, a small town in Romagna, on the soil of which evidence of the antiquity of the place has been found, a Sulliani fundus already mentioned in the Bavaro Code of the ninth century.

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Of particular interest is the church of Suffragio: it is located in the center of the town next to the civic tower, whose construction work began in 1671.

Also worth mentioning is Palazzo Ripa - Marcosanti, where some important collections are housed, two of which are made available to the public by their founder and curator Sig. Roberto Parenti. The first collection, located on the first floor of the Palace, is the priceless collection dedicated to the Disco d'Epoca. The second collection, located on the second floor of the Palace is dedicated to Arte Povera.

On the table

The town is known for the production of a particular type of cheese aged in ancient wheat pits, of Malatesta origin, also known as "Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano PDO".

Significant appointments

Every year Sogliano is home to delicious taste with the Fossa Cheese Fair of Sogliano PDO in the last days of November. For the occasion of the festival there are numerous side events: theatrical, musical and recreational performances, conferences, concerts, wine and cheese tastings, with stands of typical products from different areas of Italy.

In the surroundings

In the hamlet Montetiffi, to visit the Abbey of San Leonardo (XI century), the Romanesque Bridge and the Church of San Benedetto in Vernano (sec. XII).

For lovers of the Romagna tradition, even today the homonymous pans are produced to cook the piadina, strictly handmade in terracotta .

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