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The Artusi Festival is back again this year!

This year the 26th edition will take place from Saturday 25th June to Sunday 3rd July 2022.

With the Artusi Festival, Forlimpopoli turns into the capital of "eating well" to pay homage to its most illustrious fellow citizen: the gastronome Pellegrino Artusi, the undisputed father of modern Italian cuisine.

Pellegrino Artusi, born in Forlimpopoli on August 4, 1820, was a writer, gastronome and one of the first scholars, as well as of Italian language and literature, of the so-called material culture, author of the famous gastronomic essay "Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well", which besides being one of the most translated and spread Italian works in the world, has also represented an instrument of primary importance in the construction of national identity.

A unique interweaving of sounds, scents and flavors will invade for nine days the historical center of the town of Artusi, the setting of an unprecedented dialogue between gastronomy, culture and entertainment, attracting in its streets over 5,000 people every evening.

The leitmotif of the event is home cooking, with the 790 recipes of "Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well" which are proposed in restaurants and stands set up along the streets, squares and alleys renamed for the occasion as the chapters of the famous cooking manual.

The Artusi Festival is a unique event, in which each guest will find an answer to his or her gastronomic and cultural curiosity in a warm atmosphere, under the sign of that conviviality which has its roots in the classical culture of the sacred nature of the guest.


  • Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi - Forlimpopoli
25 June - 3 July 2022
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