Forlimpopoli and Bertinoro: A Journey between Art and Taste

Culture, nature and the art of eating well

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In the heart of Emilia-Romagna, where the hills are colored in golden shades at sunset and art secrets are hidden in every corner, two authentic Italian gems shine: Forlimpopoli and Bertinoro.

Forlimpopoli, with its welcoming squares and history-rich alleys, reveals a glorious past that blends harmoniously with modernity. Here, every wall tells ancient stories and every corner hides artistic treasures that will fascinate even the most discerning traveller.

Bertinoro enchants visitors with its breathtaking views and medieval charm, offering an extraordinary visual spectacle and a unique food and wine heritage. Its wineries and local produce shops invite you to immerse yourself in a sensory journey made of authentic flavours and culinary traditions handed down from generation to generation.

These towns offer an extraordinary experience, capable of delighting both art lovers and the most refined palates.

  • Length
    24 hours
  • Interests
    Art & Culture
  • Target
  • First stop - MAF "T. Aldini" Civic Archaeological Museum Forlimpopoli

    The route starts from the "T. Aldini" Civic Archaeological Museum in Forlimpopoli, known as MAF, located in the heart of the town.
    Founded in 1961, this precious institution is housed in the charming halls of the Rocca Ordelaffa, an imposing structure dating back to the Renaissance that adds a unique charm to the museum experience.

    MAF represents a real journey through time. Its collection offers a fascinating picture of daily life, funeral rites and construction techniques that have characterized the different eras of local history, from prehistoric testimonies to the Renaissance period.
    Visitors can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the past and discover the secrets of the civilizations that have inhabited these lands.

  • Second stop - Casa Artusi Forlimpopoli

    A short distance away from the MAF, following Via Andrea Costa to the south, you will arrive at Piazza Antonio Fratti. Within the monumental complex of the Church of the Servants of Forlimpopoli, you will find Casa Artusi, a reference point for Italian gastronomic culture and home cooking.

    The structure is organized in various spaces, each dedicated to different facets of culinary culture: a restaurant, a library, a museum, a cooking school, a cellar and a workshop. This unique place offers an immersive experience for anyone who wants to delve into the culture of Artusi and experience home cooking in person.

    During the summer, Forlimpopoli becomes the capital of "eating well" to celebrate its illustrious fellow citizen: the gastronomist Pellegrino Artusi, author of the famous treatise "Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well". During nine days, a huge party is held in the old town, where the streets, squares and alleys are renamed after chapters in Artusi's manual.

    The protagonist of the Artusian Festival is obviously domestic cuisine: the restaurants and the many stands set up offer their interpretation of the 790 recipes taken from Artusi's book. All around, sounds, aromas and flavours come together to create a unique atmosphere.

  • Third stop - Bertinoro Bertinoro

    To reach Bertinoro, known as "The Balcony of Romagna",  from Forlimpopoli, follow via Duca D’Aosta to the roundabout that crosses Via Emilia. From there, take Viale G. Matteotti in the direction of Cesena and, after about 1 km, turn right into Via Dante Alighieri. Continue on SP 39 for about 7 km. Crossing the Ospedaletto district, you will reach Bertinoro in a few minutes.

    Bertinoro, also known as the "City of Wine", is famous for its intense wine production. It is said that its name derives from the empress Galla Placidia. According to legend, on a hot summer day in 424 AD, the empress tasted Albana wine offered to her by a local farmer in a simple earthenware shard and, struck by its aroma and flavour, exclaimed: "Oh Albana, tu sei degna di berti in oro!", which means literally: “Oh Albana, you are worthy to be drunk in gold!”

    Walking through the charming cobbled streets of the old town you arrive at Piazza della Libertà, the heart of the village, where the majestic "Column of Hospitality", better known as the "Ring Column", dates back to the 13th century.
    The column, adorned with twelve rings, was erected with the aim of resolving disputes between the twelve families of the city. This column allowed visitors to tie their horses to one of the rings, thus becoming guests of the ring owner's family. This practice involved the entire community in a ritual that reflected the welcoming spirit of the lands of Bertinoro. Even today, it represents the tangible symbol of Bertinoro's traditional hospitality.

    Piazza della Libertà, known as "The Balcony of Romagna", offers an extraordinary panorama that does justice to its nickname. On the one hand, the majestic Cathedral, Palazzo Ordelaffi and the Tower stand elegantly, while on the other there is a generous view of the Romagna plain, which extends to the Adriatic Sea.

    Here you can also find the "Albana Bell" by the artist Guerrino Bardeggia, whose chimes, even today, mark the beginning of the grape harvest, announcing the coming of a special moment to the town community.

    The most evocative moment to admire the beauty of the surrounding landscape is certainly at sunset, sipping a good glass of wine while sitting in one of the bars in the square.

  • Fourth stop - Route of the Harvest and Monument to the Winemaker Bertinoro

    Walking through the village, you will discover the peculiarities that testify to Bertinoro's deep historical link with the wine tradition.

    Following Via Giuseppe Mazzini and turning right into Via Vendemini, you come to "Grape Harvest Street". This short alley, of about 100 meters, originates from Via della Trinità, along which seven splendid canvases are permanently on display, made by as many local painters, which portray the most significant moments of the life cycle of the vineyard and wine.

    Proceeding along Via Mazzini to Largo Cairoli, there is the Monument to the Winemaker, a bronze work by Mario Bertozzi of Forlimpopoli, erected in 1976. Every year, during the Hospitality Festival, the rite of the "New Winemaker" takes place at its feet: on this occasion a winemaker who has started the business or distinguished himself for innovation in the sector is rewarded.

    If you wish to explore the surrounding hills, we recommend a visit to one of the many wine cellars around Bertinoro. An unmissable opportunity to taste the typical dishes of Romagna cuisine and the fine local wines.

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