Festival Terra Mossa

Music and charity to support the town of Modigliana

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    Various venues - Modigliana
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    Music, Festival
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    Art & Culture

One year after the flood, Modigliana celebrates its rebirth with the "Terra Mossa" Festival, scheduled from July 19th to 21st, 2024. This year's theme is ""La Città delle Donne" (The City of Women) with a focus entirely on the feminine.

The new edition offers a rich program featuring female artists spanning various musical genres and art forms. Among the most renowned names in the Italian music and art scene are Nada, Cristina Donà, and Mara Redeghieri (formerly of Ustmamò).

Alongside these icons, new talents will perform such as Maria Antonietta, Emma Nolde, Arianna Pasini, and Marta Del Grandi. The program also includes performances by folk artists like Fede 'n' Marlen and Noemi Valzano, as well as jazz artists like Sara Jane Ghiotti, Silvia Valtieri, and The Last Coat of Pink.

In the days leading up to and including Sunday, the town center hosts off-site events to further enliven the festival atmosphere.


  • Various venues
    - Modigliana (Modigliana)
19 - 21 July 2024
Starting at 6 pm on Friday and continuing Saturday and Sunday throughout the day.
  • Full ticket : Admission by donation
+ 39 320 0374633

Information offices

IAT di Modigliana
Piazza Matteotti, 6 - Modigliana (FC)
+ 39 0546 941019 turismo@comune.modigliana.fc.it Opening: all year round

Last update 27/06/2024

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