Traiettorie 2023

XXXII edition of the international review of modern and contemporary music

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    Casa della Musica - Parma and others places
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In the thirty-third edition of Traiettorie - the international review of modern and contemporary music in Parma there will be nineteen concerts on the program, from 23 March to 22 November.

Once again this year the festival will be held at the Casa della Musica and Casa del Suono, the Farnese Theater and the A. Toscanini Music Production Center, confirming a link with Parma that has become a hallmark of the festival and profitable for the city.

After the last edition which paid homage to Italian music, this year the bill focuses on the modern musical culture of central Europe and that of the immediately eastern areas, such as Hungary and Poland, which right at the beginning of the twentieth century began to show originality in musical languages by exploiting the basin of national popular cultures, to then enter the European musical dialectic with fresh energy and reinvigorated by the comparison with the Austrian and German musical schools that arose from the crisis of Romanticism, ending up with making very high and fundamental contributions to the musical history of the post-war period.

The conspicuous presence in this year's programs of Ligeti, Kurtág, Bartók should be interpreted in this light, alongside the great Austro-German intellectual thread that from Beethoven and Schumann passes through the second Viennese school and arrives in Stockhausen, all abundantly represented in this edition. 

But that's not all, discover the complete program of the exhibition. 


  • Casa della Musica
    Piazzale San Francesco, 1 - Parma (Parma)
  • Teatro Farnese
    Piazza della Pilotta - Parma (Parma)
  • CPM Toscanini
    Viale Barilla, 27 - Parma (Parma)
  • and others places
23 March - 22 November 2023
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+ 39 0521 708899
+ 39 348 1410292

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IAT-R Parma
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1 - Parma (PR)
+ 39 0521 218889 Opening: all year round

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