Rimini’s Romantic Riviera in three clicks

An itinerary for lovers

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Think of Rimini and its Riviera and you think of kids, families, sport and recreation. But the coastal resorts with their beautiful sunsets, artistic treasures, panoramic views and host of activities are also the ideal destination for loved-up couples, of any age.

Let time stand still for a moment, and take home a souvenir snapshot packed with memories at these three photogenic destinations.

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  • First stop - Santarcangelo di Romagna Santarcangelo di Romagna

    Our first stop is at Santarcangelo di Romagna, one of the most poetic towns in the region. Just take a stroll through the village streets and squares, lined with noble residences and fine town houses.

    The historic beauty of Santarcangelo has earned it the title of City of Art, partly thanks to the annual series of international events and local food fairs with their inviting flavours and aromas.

    If you’re coupled up, we recommend a romantic walk to the Rocca Malatestiana, once inhabited by a succession of noble families including the Malatesta, Montefeltro and Borgia dynasties.

    From there, walk down to the “meadows” in Via Ruggeri, where you can preserve your happy moments forever with one “click”, on the Lovers’ Bench, designed to look like a heart with the strength and delicacy of a climbing plant.

  • Second stop - Covignano Rimini

    From Santarcangelo, the route slopes downwards towards the hill of Covignano, a place that is a little off the beaten track, but with many natural and cultural treasures.

    It’s certainly worth taking a walk on the trail that leads from the Church of the Graces to the Church of St Fortunatus, which hosted the artist Giorgio Vasari in 1547. Inside, in the 17th-century apse, you can still see his splendid Adoration of the Magi, a masterpiece of Italian Mannerist art.

    Outside the church, a stunning view awaits you, covering the whole of Rimini and the Adriatic—the setting for many a romantic date and first kiss!

  • Third stop - Cattolica Cattolica

    Now it’s time to head down towards the coast and end the day admiring the beautiful sunset over the harbour at Cattolica.

    You can also stroll through the shopping streets, take a peek at the Heritage Shops - there are 5 of them, all telling the stories and traditions of Cattolica - or indulge in a romantic dinner in one of the many fish restaurants along the seafront.

    After dinner, why not take a trip with your beloved in one of the characteristic self-pedal rickshaws.

    It’s another great photo opportunity. Capture that Amarcord mood and take one last snapshot to preserve the moment forever.

Last update 09/12/2023

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